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Category: Network Connections, Stats and Bandwidth

Nagios plugins for monitoring network bandwidth usage, download speed, network connections, etc.

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Adam-Checker: Adam Internet Current Usage Stats


Some plugins to monitor and graph Adam Internet Australia's public API outputs based on Tokens (provided by Adam Internet). Info includes Quota, Signal to Noise Ratio, Attenuation and Speed.


Advanced Network Interface Check - check_netint / check...


This plugin checks port status, STP, traffic and errors data of network interfaces. It is optimized for faster execution and has advanced support of cisco switches. Starting with 2.4 version it be used both with SNMP and run locally on linux servers. The ...


Aruba Instant Virtual Controller


Used to monitor number of AP's in aruba instant cluster.


AVM FritzBox DSL status with traffic counter

This plugin queries the dsl state of an AVM FritzBox via uPNP and returns the traffic in/out as performance counter. Tested with an AVM Fritzbox 7390 and FRITZ!OS 06.20


Bandwidth Up and down checker

Bandwidth Up and down checker This plugins monitor the average bandwidth utilisation over N seconds. The script is executed on the localhost, reading interface statistics files. To use with NRPE or other agent. Example service definition: define service NRPE command: command[ ...

Bandwith (Speed Test) Upload & Download with perfdata

Bandwith (Speed Test) Upload & Download with perfdata This script calculate speed in download and upload from local server to remote LINUX server (need SSH Key Exchange)


Brocade Optical Transceiver Check


Monitor your xFP Modules in a Brocade Device

Check And Graph DataOut From Network Interface

Check And Graph DataOut From Network Interface Bash script to graph the network bytes out from eth0.

Check BlueCoat Proxy Disk

Check BlueCoat Proxy Disk This plugin allow to check the snmpdiskstate in your bluecoat proxy. The archive contained the README and a pnp4nagios template.


Check Cisco Devices

Checks various statistics for different Cisco devices including switches and firewalls.


Check Cisco DSL SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

This plugin will allow you to check the remote SNR on your Cisco DSL router. This works the reverse of the check_snmp plugin as it gives alerts when the value is low since you want to have a high value for your SNR.

Check Cisco reliability

Check cisco switch interface for reliability changes

Check Cisco switch error disable

Check cisco switch for err-disabled ports


Check Cisco switch half duplex port

Check cisco switch for half duplex ports


Check Cisco WLAN Connections


Check the number of connections on a Cisco WLAN Controller. this has only been tested on the 7500 model, but should work on others. Make sure and run with -h to get command line arguments that are needed. Early version of script, it does not verify y ...

Check connect from windows host.

Simple script for checking tcp/udp connect on windows host. Script uses free utility portqry.exe from Microsoft. Link for downloading inside script. Install. 1) Copy script in your dir (like c:nagios). Download portqry.exe from Microsoft and copy in ...


check connections

It's an update version of the check_connections.pl plugin from sjorge i found here. I've change the command from netstat to ss. If you don't add "-l 1" the local connection won't be count.


Check Current Connections

Shell script to check the number of connections/sockets in a given state. Uses iproute2's ss tool to retrieve connections (Linux only).

check haproxy stats (over ssh)

This plugin is just a wrapper to use all features of existing HAPROXY stats monitoring plugin i.e. https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Clustering-and-High-2DAvailability/check_haproxy_stats-2Epl/details which works only locally using NRPE. W ...


Check interface bandwidth

Plugin for monitoring utilization of network interfaces linux and cisco. Compatible with nagvis and pnp4nagios.


Check Interfaces Operational Status


Check Interfaces Operational Status Plugin to check operational status on a RFC 1213 (IF-MIB) compliant network device


Check IP in DNS

This plugin checks external IP address against a DNS server, to verify if dynamic DNS scripts are working properly.


Check IPCOP / Linux IF Bandwidth Usage

Just a simple plugin to monitor bandwidth usage and Line Utilization on a IPCOP Firewall using the Nagios check_by_ssh plugin. Note: You can also use it to monitor any Linux distro on which you can install vnstat. (The instructions included are for IPCOP, ...

Check Next Hop ICMP

Verify the ICMP of the default route / next hop of a router.

Check Number Of Connections

Perl script that checks the number of established network connections using lsof

Check Ping - with MTR and custom outputs


An extension of a basic ICMP test script idea. The check does fairly boring ICM check of a host. On packet loss it can run a MTR ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTR_%28software%29 ) check and email the results to the specified address. (Requires that t ...


Check QNAP Disk Popular

Check QNAP Disk This plugin checks all disk slots on your QNAP NAS host with snmp and will output OK, WARNING or CRITICAL if the resulting number is over the specified thresholds. Enable on your QNAP NAS the snmpd (see the QNAP adminguide too).


Check Radius


This scripts is intended to be used as a Nagios plugin to check the different states of our Freeradius Server even if the freeradius is up and runing it checks if the Freeradius can handle requests using radclient.


Check SNMP Cisco Traffic

Check Traffic Usage of an Interface on a Cisco Device

Check Speedport

This Bash-Script is able to check the (V)DSL-Connection of a Speedport Router. It's tested with a Speedport W722V but it should work with any Speedport Router that owns the "Online Control" interface.


Check teaming

Check teaming of broadcom adapters, i.e link signal etc..By Martin Fuerstenau

Check Usage information on Adam Internet connections

Check Usage information on Adam Internet connections Google GO script to query Adam Internet Australia's public API. Information like used download bytes, quota and even ADSL line speed and SNR info.


Check Usage information on Internode Internet connectio...

Check Usage information on Internode Internet connections Google GO script to query Internode Internet Australia's public API. Information like used download bytes, quota. This script is registered with Internode, so please do not change it without informing me or Internode.


Check WAN status for Peplink Balance 1350


Check WAN status for Peplink Balance 1350 Check WAN Status - Peplink Balance 1350 Written in Python 2.6


Check WAN status for Peplink Balance 305 via SNMP

Check WAN status for Peplink Balance 305 via SNMP This plugin will check the status of a WAN interface via SNMP the from a Peplink Balance 305.



check cisco port-channel members status




A Nagios plugin to check the number of active backend services of a netscaler frontend instance. This program makes use of the Nitro API for Citrix Netscaler (tested with v1). The URLs supplied to -u are the specific for your configuration. At the moment ...




Check that an IPV4 static IP address is what is expected



Check volumes, fan and event log of your Areca controller. Features: Check the event-log for changes Upper and lower thresholds for fan-speed Alert on multiple variables; volumes, fan and event log. Somewhat cleaner code (work in progress) Perfdat ...




Check the AWS Service Health Dashboard for service interruptions/incidents.



Check Bandwidth Bandwidth Calculator Based on Cisco Document ID: 8141 A simple script to calculate input or output bandwidth usage based on a snmp data



Check Bandwidth Bandwidth Calculator based on meshuggah - https://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Plugins/Network-Connections,-Stats-and-Bandwidth/check_bandwidth/details Based on Cisco Document ID: 8141 A simple script to calculate input or output bandwi ...



Checks Cacti Thold plugin threshold value (ePN complient)


A simple plugin to check connected clients to an Aironet device. Usage: check_cisco_aironet_clients.pl -H -U -P [ -I ] [ -w -c ]




This is a Nagios Plugin destined to check BGP peer availability and session state on Cisco devices



Based on check_dot3.pl (which never seemed to work as written). I decided to use Net::SNMP::Interfaces::Details to get InErrors and OutErrors instead. It also requires the precise interface name (such as, "FastEthernet0/1").



This check will probe for Cisco IP SLAs. (Tested on IOS 12.4T release)



This plug-in gives CPU usage (in %) on 5 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes average. Performance data are also given. It has been successfully tested on Cisco Nexus 7000 and 5000.




This plug-in checks a collection of sensors included on Cisco Nexus. It checks voltage, temperature, fans and PSU. Performance data are also given.




This plug-in gives memory usage (free and used) of Cisco Nexus datacenter switches. Performance data are also given.

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