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Category: Dell

Nagios plugins to monitor Dell network gear.

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Category Listings:
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Check Dell Powerconnect switch

Checks the Dell PowerConnect switches (tested with 2724, 2748, 2848, 3348, 3448 and 6024) Version 1 checks firmware (-t firmware), model (-t model) and uptime (-t uptime). Version 2 checks all of version 1 plus how many ports are up and down (-t por ...


Check Dell Powerconnect switches

This script is used to check the hardware from DELL PC35XX, PC53XX and DELL PC62XX (Gigabit) switches.


Check Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)

Check status of hardware for Dell S-series FTOS switches (former Force10)


Check PowerConnect Switch

Supports a wide variety of models tested with 33xx,34xx, 35xx, 53xx, 54xx, 60xx, 62xx, 80xx, N20xx, N30xx, N40xx



Nagios check plugin for Dell | EMC² S-series switches, running OS10 firmware This check retrieve operational values from Dell specific SNMP MIBs


PowerConnect Switches

Check uptime, port status and environmental health on Dell PowerConnect switches. Global OIDs are used where possible for maximum compatibility across all models.