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Check Dell Powerconnect switch

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2 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
Checks the Dell PowerConnect switches (tested with 2724, 2748, 2848, 3348, 3448 and 6024)

Version 1 checks firmware (-t firmware), model (-t model) and uptime (-t uptime).

Version 2 checks all of version 1 plus how many ports are up and down (-t ports) and you can check if a single port (-t portcheck -p ) is up or down.
Reviews (2)
byE-werd, February 7, 2013
Not super-featured, but works well for what it is made for. I wish there was hardware monitoring (fan + temp), but who knows... maybe it's just not possible, the other options don't either. I am using a stack of 5 Dell Powerconnect 5548 switches.

I was curious how to check the ports on anything after the first switch and, through trial an error, I figured it out. It separates each switch in the stack by 2.

So I made a formula. Assume that s = switch number in stack and p = port number on that switch. Calculate t by adding your total number of numbered ports (count on front plus SFP if you have them) and add 2 to this number. Solve for n, port you want to watch.

n = ((s * t) - t) + p

So, and I'm only assuming this works on other models, I have 5 48-port switches with 2 SFP+ ports each, plus the two spacers... for me, t = 52. Let's say I want to select port 31 on switch 4:

n = ((4 * 52) - 52) + 31
n = 187

Good luck!
bymrobiras, October 3, 2010

to execute the command for a PowerConnet 3448

check_dell_powerconnet-H -C

I returned the error

Can´t use an undefined value as a HASH reference at ./check_dell_powerconnect line 126

this darkly