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Category: SAN and NAS

Nagios plugins to monitor SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, controllers, software, etc.

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3PAR check script

Check script for HP 3PAR storage systems

Brocade based SAN FC switches monitoring check script

Brocade based SAN FC switches monitoring check script Brocade SAN FC switches monitoring health check script CHECK_COMMAND [SWITCH_IP/NAME] [USER] [PASS] Displays the overall status for a switch. Works till FabricOS v7.3.x. Newer versions support coming soon. Script uses Expect to ...


Check Brocade Hardware Health

Checks Brocade SAN switches for FAN, Power Supply and Temperature status through SNMP.

Check Dell MD Performance

Check Dell MD Performance check the Dell MD series Storage performance, now can monitor the average IOPS, average MB/s and Read %. Check on the MD3820i

Check EMC Celerra

Check EMC Celerra No longer available


Check EMC Isilon

Check EMC Isilon No longer available


Check EMC PowerPath

This is a very basic/simple script that requires sudo to run the 'powermt' command. It is setup to run on Solaris/Linux/HP-UX with powermt installed in the standard location. It will first check to see if powerpath is installed. if it is, it will t ...

Check EMC PowerPath managed devices and paths

Shell script runs the command "powermt", parses its output, looking for devices and paths. Checks each device for "active" state and each path for "active" mode and "alive" state. Return values: OK (0) - all paths up WARNING(1) - at least one non-ac ...


Check HP MSA (Modular Smart Array) sensors

This plugin checks all sensors of an HP MSA array. Currently successfully tested with : HP MSA2312i HP MSA2012i HP MSA2012fc HP MSA2324i HP P2000 G3 MSA (iSCSI & FC) Usage : -H [ hostname | IP address ...


Check HP MSA P2000

This checks the HP P2000 for the status of all parts within the SAN, this includes all Enclosures, Fans, Voltages, Disks and Temperatures. SNMP is not needed for this as it uses the inbuilt API to gather the status and performance counters over HTTP or HT ...


Check Huawei Oceanstor SNMP

SNMP Check for Huawei OceanStor Storage Hardware Tested on Huawei OceanStor Dorado 5000 V6 and OceanStor 2200 V3

Check Isilon Capacity

Checks and reports on overall Isilon Usage


Check MSA 2012i G1

Check MSA 2012i G1 This plugin checks all available parts of the MSA 2012i G1 that is available through the show commands via cli interface. With this single script you can make 7 services to check your MSA. It was tested only on MSA 2012i G1, but can work on other MS ...


Check NetApp health & status

A NetApp monitoring plugin written in Perl using commonly available modules. The plugin uses SNMP to communicate and does not require an external MIB file. All the usual monitoring points are covered, suggestions for more are welcome. The latest vers ...

Check SAN Switch Health

This plugin checks sensors (psu, temperature, fans et al) and overall health of SAN switches that understand the Fibre Alliance MIB. There is a long list of companies behind that MIB; I have tested the script with switches from Brocade and Qlogic.

Check Synology NAS

This plugin uses SNMP to check NAS devices from Synology


Check Synology NAS |

Check Synology NAS | The check_syno plugin checks the health of your Synology NAS thanks to SNMPv3 protocol. It can report about : - System status (Power, Fans) - Disks status - RAID status - DSM update status It uses SNMPv3, and has been tested with DSM 6.0. It ...


Check TeraStation Storage

Check TeraStation Storage Check remaining storage capacity of Buffalo TeraStations via SNMP


Check TrueNAS Health/Replication

Check the status of the TrueNAS alert system or the state of TrueNAS replication tasks.


Check TrueNAS/FreeNAS Extended Play

This is a Nagios plugin to check TrueNAS/FreeNAS servers for problems. It allows monitoring for Alerts, Zpools, and Replication statuses. It is written against the 2.0 API.


Check vplex

Check vplex This plugin permit to check the helth of a vplex of the DELL / EMC. It check with the API rest of the vplex.


Monitor number of available connection paths per LUN and failed paths for multipath devices on Linux.


Check Huawei OceanStor plugin for Nagios It serves as a hardware check of the Huawei OceanStor and was tested on OceanStor 2600V3 and OceanStor 5500v5. PLEASE BARE IN MIND THAT YOU STILL BETTER IMPLEMENT MAIL ALARMS ON THE STORAGE ITSELF



Check the CloudStation status on Synology NAS. Particularly useful with let's encrypt certificates that are renewed every 90 days and need manual operation to restart.



Monitor changes on status of a Coraid shelf. Runs commands 'show -l' and 'list -l' and compares output with a previously stored file.



A Nagios plugin that checks the health of your SAN through EMC Unisphere.



check_eva will monitor the health of your HP EVA disk system.


Check_eva_cv v1.0 Date: 2012-03-12 Date: 2012-03-05 Author: Alberto Lazzarin - ITA v1.1 Date: 2013-05-30 Author: Ivan Bergantin - ITA Fix grep function on disk and disk group component This script works with HP SSSU Binary (architecture dependent x86 or ...


Simple python script for monitoring FreeNAS alerts and replication status. It´s based on one of the FreeNAS API examples found here:



FreeNAS API Check Tool Nagios plugin that uses the FreeNAS API to check for alerts as well as pool health & usage/capacity. Two types of check: FreeNAS alerts storage health & usage Storage check has configurable percentage used warni ...


This plugin is DISCONTINUED, please use => Check Huawei OceanStor plugin for Nagios It is adapted to serve as a hardware check of the Huawei OceanStor and was tested on OceanStor 260 ...


Check Hyper Backup tasks status on Synology NAS



Plugin to monitor IBM DS4x00 / DS5x00 system health. It is not very sophisticated but I wanted to share it anyway. You need to install IBM DS Storage Manager. The plugin uses SMcli command usually based in "/opt/IBM_DS/client/SMcli". Location can be cont ...



Plugin for monitoring IBM Storage performance. Tested it on DS4100 & DS4700 & DS3512 (You have to have a compatible SMcli version - Storage Manager 10.70.A5 is working for me). Please use LATEST version. You must install Storage manager client for the ...



This plugin checks the status of SGI's LSI based InfiniteStorage products. It will also probably work on any LSI/Engenio storage controller providing you can provide the location of the smeecli binary.


Some basic checks of an HP LeftHand device. Sorry I never wrote full documentation.


Nagios check for lenovo thinksystem storage hardware via REST API



Check HP Lefthand/Storevirtual P4000



Check status of Dell md3000i iSCSI SAN.

Checks the memory usage on a EMC Isilon Node with a SNMP query. Detailed documentation can be found at



Check MSA2000 and P2000 Storage array (health of Array, Redundancy, Environment).



Checks multipath connections to SAN storage on your GNU/Linux box, also has working support for specifying required redundancy level


check for Netgear ReadyNAS Duo via SNMP, disk health, RAID status, temperature, fan speed, disk util


Nagios plugin for monitoring Huawei OceanStor storage devices using the API Commands implemented Checks for active alarms Checks free space on filesystems C ...



Nagios plugin for Overland Storage SnapServer N2000 and others



Check whether packages need to be updated on Synology NAS.


check_panzura Checks local or cloud disk usage on Panzura units



This plugin was created to monitor a Promise Vtrak storage device. It monitors the physical drives and the chassis itself (power supplies, fans, etc). Several attached enclosures are supported.



Uses the REST API in the PowerStore to get the information about hardware health. If any unit is present and not Helathy, the result will be critical.

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