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IIS Dashboard

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios Log Server
IIS Dashboard-1417992583259IIS Dashboard
IIS_Major_Pages.jsonQueries for major URIs of IIS
IIS-Methods.jsonQueries for common response codes
nls-configs.txtInput and filter additons for IIS data
nxlog-config.txtAdditional NXLog configs for default IIS paths
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IIS Dashboard
The IIS dashboard for nagios log server will allow you to visualize many different variations of response time compared to various metrics. Other informative details such as, most and least found instances of useragent, uri, and response code, provide a well rounded view of your server to client performance.

NXLog configs, Log Server inputs and filters, and additional queries are also attached below. These must be added to your systems where appropriate before the dashboard will operate properly.
*** sreinhardt is no longer with Nagios - if you need assistance with this dashbaord, please contact our support team at ***
Reviews (1)
byVoluAJ, February 24, 2015
Never thought I would find fault with Spenser's work, but in his grok filter he has a - where %{DATA:referer} should be, right before HTTP response