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Category: IBM Tivoli

Nagios addons for integrating with or monitoring IBM Tivoli products.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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______ ATTENTION: Anyone using nagios want to take over this plugin? Please contact me by mail (this platform is missing a notification feature...). _____ A perl script to check some things for Tivoli Service Manager (tsm) health. Works for me at ...


CMon :: CMDB-2-Nagios

CMon :: CMDB-2-Nagios CMon ("C" like "CMDB" and "Mon" like "Monitoring") is a bridge between your CMDB and your monitoring system. The basic idea is: CMDB holds information about all the items of your IT infrastructure so the monitoring system could be populated using that pie ...


Some checks for the Backup Software Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).