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Category: Dashboards

Nagios Log Server users can create custom dashboards which can be shared with other Log server users in this category

Nagios Log Server

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Category Listings:
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AD Lockouts

Simple dashboard to show locked out accounts, use the query to alert happy valentines day love from Australia

Asterisk Log Analyzer

Asterisk Log Analyzer Parses Asterisk log files and splits fields into new "asterisk_" prefixed terms. Dashboard shows number of simultaneous inbound and outbound calls, top 10 producers of calls, top 10 inbound numbers being dialed, top 10 outbound numbers being dialed, sour ...


Better Apache Dashboard

Better Apache Dashboard The "Better Apache Dashboard" also know as the 5 minute dashboard as presented at the 2014 Nagios World Conference. View the conference slides at

Cisco ASA VPN Monitoring

Cisco ASA VPN Monitoring Dashboard that shows information about VPN sessions on Cisco ASA Devices.


DHCP Messages

DHCP Messages A custom dashboard to give a breakdown on the different DHCP Messages. This has a query filter where the type must be syslog and the program must be dhcpd.


Exchange 2010/2013 Message Tracking Logs

Exchange 2010/2013 Message Tracking Logs This dashboard monitors the Message Tracking Logs in Exchange 2010 onwards. I can't take credit for developing this, I just adapted it for NLS - Original creator here: ...


Exchange ActiveSync Monitor

Exchange ActiveSync Monitor Gives overview of activesync connections, the types of commands being used and allows debugging poorly performing CAS servers which have high CPU usage for IIS

IIS Dashboard

IIS Dashboard The IIS dashboard for nagios log server will allow you to visualize many different variations of response time compared to various metrics. Other informative details such as, most and least found instances of useragent, uri, and response code, provide a w ...

Mail Log Dashboard

Mail Log Dashboard I have seen plenty of Nagios XI users, who would not receive alerts, because they haven't set up sendmail/postfix properly. Searching the mail log for "bounced" errors may be helpful for identifying these issues. My second query is for finding segf ...

McAfee Web Gateway Dashboard

McAfee Web Gateway Dashboard This dashboard allows you to easily see where your web traffic is going if you use McAfee Web Access gateways.


Nagios - Hosts

Nagios - Hosts Break down of host states This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Notifications

Nagios - Notifications Break down of Nagios Notifications This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Services

Nagios - Services Break down of Service states This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Nagios - Stats

Nagios - Stats Statistical information about Nagios This dashboard relies on the Nagios Core input filter


Netfilter dashboard

Netfilter dashboard Dashboard and filter for parsing and displaying netfilter/iptables logs.

Security Dashboard

Security Dashboard The security dashboard assumes /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure are being monitored. The associated query looks for things like "segfault" and "Failed password" and other things which may indicate an attack. The second query looks for "Port scan ...

Simple Account Lockout Tracking Dash

This is a simple, clean dashboard with a pretty basic query. But it gives you relevant information for tracking down and identifying issues with users and account lockouts. Lockout events over time, top users that have been locked out, top sources of ...

Successful Windows Login Dashboard

Successful Windows Login Dashboard Successful Windows Login, is a Query that checks the logserver's log for EventID:4624 and that EventID is for when a user has logged in to their PC correctly. VMWare Guest Power On is a Query that checks when a Guest VM running on a ESX server is power ...

syslog Types

syslog Types Simple Dashboard that has all the syslog types (0-7) pinned with a pie chart showing the breakdown. NOTE: The filter is configured to only show results that are of type:syslog.


Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards

Windows - Security Sys Admin Dashboards Dashboards used for Sys Admin Security monitoring and alerting. TIP: Set up dashboard alerts, then you don't have to physical check all your dashboards.


Windows - Sys Admin Dashboards

Windows - Sys Admin Dashboards I use these dashboards to troubleshoot Windows issues and if no "customer" issues are present I can dig through the event logs and find issues that are not causing work stoppages (yet) and try to fix them ahead of time.


Windows Updates Dashboard

Windows Updates Dashboard The following dashboard shows you how many total Windows Updates are pending in the pipe, as well as the most recently installed updates. The query filters for EventID 17 (pending) and 19 (installed). The dashboard has two trimmed tables for the most r ...