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IBM v7000 - v7000 Unified

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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This is a bash script to check the hardware status of IBM Storwize v7000.
It use 'ssh' protocoll with certificate authentication.

If you have any suggestion write me!
# 1.4 Made by Andrea Tedesco [andrea85 . tedesco @ gmail . com]
# Add check of v7000 Unified
# 1.3 Made by Ivan Bergantin [ivan . bergantin @ gmail . com] suggested by Leandro Freitas [leandro @ nodeps . com . br]
# Add short output in "Service Status Details For Host" view, and detailed output in "Service Information"view
# 1.2 Made by Feilong
# Add check of mirror status between two volumes on two IBM V7000.
# It check the number of mirrors, the numbers of consitent and synchronized mirrors. If they are differents, the status returned is critical.
# 1.1
# Change login method from from 'plink' to ssh.
# Add "OK" and "ATTENTION" in the output.
# 1.0
# First release.
Reviews (4)
byapfaffeneder, September 30, 2014
The script is a good basis, but lacks:

1.) Check of Return-Codes from storage-system (e.g. Command not found)
2.) Does not verify ssh-connect
3.) Has a problem in the lsrcrelationship: Works only if volume_mirror_prod finds a certain string. Better grep out the header line and then do the counting.
bysmarechal, December 12, 2013
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Is it working on V3700?

Thank you.
bythyphus, August 16, 2012
Made some changes to check size of mdiskgrp.
Thanks for you're plugin it works great.