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Category: IBM Brocade

Nagios plugins for monitoring IBM Brocade.

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Check IBM 2498-F48 status

This plugin is to check IBM 2498-F48 switch status and the results are shown in Nagios GUI.



check for Brocade fibre channel switches


The command line options are: check_brocade_ports -H -c (optional: -f -D -p ) For example: ./ -H ls_fc_sw1 -c public

Nagios plugin for checking the state of each Fiber Channel ports of a Brocade Connectrix DS 4900.

Nagios plugin for checking the state of the Inter Swith Link of a Brocade Connectrix DS 4900

IBM 2005 B16 (brocade 200E) fiberswitch

Plugin to check the status of the IBM 2005 B16 Brocade SAN switches.

IBM Brocade SAN Switch

Check various SAN switches