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IBM Storwize V7000 check_ibm_v7000_svc

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_ibm_v7000_svc.plVersion 1.1
check_ibm_v7000_svc_v1_2.plVersion 1.2
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Checks several states of IBM V7000 SVC via perl module IBM::SVC (enclosures, drives, arrays, batteries, psu's canisters, enclosureslots, vdisks and consistency group states). you may exclude some objects for vdisk and consistency group checks.
check_ibm_v7000_svc Nagios check

You need to configure a ssh key without passphrase for logins to your V7000 storage array. Also IBM's Perl Module is required and available here:

Usage: perl -cluster=[IP or hostname] -check=[check] [ -exclude=[listofitems] ]

see " -h" for more info
Reviews (4)
bynishith, January 1, 2020
Follow this link to testify your nagios configuration. Mine is working aboslutely fine & able to monitor entire IBM Storage with mostly all kind of monitoring parameters.
I set up the supervision of 3 IBM V7000 (gen1 and gen2) for the Mulhouse hospital.
Everything works perfectly except for the exclusion of multiple hosts.

For example :

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.1.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRVS3 (offline)

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.1.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision -exclude=SRVS3
OK: all host online

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.2.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRAPPLIDIS-H4 (offline) SRIMAGEVAULT (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H5 (offline) SRVS3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H1 (offline) SRSCCM-CAS (offline) SRSCCM-H1 (offline) SRDC5 (offline)

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.2.26.x -check=lshost exclude=SRAPPLIDIS-H4,SRIMAGEVAULT,SRAPPLIDIS-H3,SRAPPLIDIS-H5,SRVS3,SRAPPLIDIS-H1,SRSCCM-CAS,SRSCCM-H1,SRDC5 -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRAPPLIDIS-H4 (offline) SRIMAGEVAULT (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H5 (offline) SRVS3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H1 (offline) SRSCCM-CAS (offline) SRSCCM-H1 (offline) SRDC5 (offline)

The separator is normally a comma.
Despite everything I do not get the expected result.
Our Storwize are in version

Who could help us ?
bymarchiom, September 7, 2016
This plugin works great for checking the health of an IBM v7000. The suggestions by daniel_cioruta are definitely needed to increase the accuracy of the lsdrive check. Once that change is made, the plugin reports back the correct status if there is a failed drive.
bydaniel_cioruta, June 6, 2016
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
lsdrive check will never notify a degraded or offline disk.

You should replace the commented lines with the next line following the commented line:

my %lsdrive_states = (
#'' => 'OK',
'online' => 'OK',
'offline' => 'CRITICAL',
'degraded' => 'CRITICAL', );

} elsif ($check eq "lsdrive") {
# * online: blank
# * degraded: populated if associated with an error
# * offline: must be populated
$svc_command = "lsdrive";
$item = "mdisk member";
$item_name = "id";
#$item_state = "error_sequence_number";
$item_state = "status";