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IBM Storwize V7000 check_ibm_v7000_svc

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_ibm_v7000_svc.plVersion 1.1
check_ibm_v7000_svc_v1_2.plVersion 1.2
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Checks several states of IBM V7000 SVC via perl module IBM::SVC (enclosures, drives, arrays, batteries, psu's canisters, enclosureslots, vdisks and consistency group states). you may exclude some objects for vdisk and consistency group checks.
check_ibm_v7000_svc Nagios check

You need to configure a ssh key without passphrase for logins to your V7000 storage array. Also IBM's Perl Module is required and available here:

Usage: perl -cluster=[IP or hostname] -check=[check] [ -exclude=[listofitems] ]

see " -h" for more info
Reviews (5)
bymk_2, April 29, 2021
Seems this plugin is quite old.. saw someone mentioned and there's other newer plugins around too.
Latest updated version which includes V7000 gen3 and iSCSI support can be found here:
bynishith, January 1, 2020
Follow this link to testify your nagios configuration. Mine is working aboslutely fine & able to monitor entire IBM Storage with mostly all kind of monitoring parameters.
I set up the supervision of 3 IBM V7000 (gen1 and gen2) for the Mulhouse hospital.
Everything works perfectly except for the exclusion of multiple hosts.

For example :

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.1.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRVS3 (offline)

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.1.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision -exclude=SRVS3
OK: all host online

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.2.26.x -check=lshost -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRAPPLIDIS-H4 (offline) SRIMAGEVAULT (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H5 (offline) SRVS3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H1 (offline) SRSCCM-CAS (offline) SRSCCM-H1 (offline) SRDC5 (offline)

bash-4.1$ ./ -cluster=x.2.26.x -check=lshost exclude=SRAPPLIDIS-H4,SRIMAGEVAULT,SRAPPLIDIS-H3,SRAPPLIDIS-H5,SRVS3,SRAPPLIDIS-H1,SRSCCM-CAS,SRSCCM-H1,SRDC5 -user=supervision
CRITICAL: SRAPPLIDIS-H4 (offline) SRIMAGEVAULT (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H5 (offline) SRVS3 (offline) SRAPPLIDIS-H1 (offline) SRSCCM-CAS (offline) SRSCCM-H1 (offline) SRDC5 (offline)

The separator is normally a comma.
Despite everything I do not get the expected result.
Our Storwize are in version

Who could help us ?
bymarchiom, September 7, 2016
This plugin works great for checking the health of an IBM v7000. The suggestions by daniel_cioruta are definitely needed to increase the accuracy of the lsdrive check. Once that change is made, the plugin reports back the correct status if there is a failed drive.
bydaniel_cioruta, June 6, 2016
2 of 2 people found this review helpful
lsdrive check will never notify a degraded or offline disk.

You should replace the commented lines with the next line following the commented line:

my %lsdrive_states = (
#'' => 'OK',
'online' => 'OK',
'offline' => 'CRITICAL',
'degraded' => 'CRITICAL', );

} elsif ($check eq "lsdrive") {
# * online: blank
# * degraded: populated if associated with an error
# * offline: must be populated
$svc_command = "lsdrive";
$item = "mdisk member";
$item_name = "id";
#$item_state = "error_sequence_number";
$item_state = "status";