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Packages/distributions of multiple Nagios plugins.

Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download

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Always more than one-way script based nms plugins.

check mcneel zoo license servers

check mcneel zoo license servers This Plugin checks McNeel Zoo License servers for activity and license usage per product.



Plugin to detect any services that are continually failing and restarting

Cygwin Plugins

Some of the default Nagios Plugins for Windows. They need the Cygwin Library, which is included in this package. Editor's Note: This plugin package is very old (2004 or earlier).

EMC Documentum Plugins

A collection of Nagios plugins for monitoring EMC Documentum.

IBM WebSphere MQSeries

Hi there! This 4 shell scripts will help you monitor: * MQ status * MQ listener status * MQ queue depth * MQ queues The scripts runs locally, and they automatically discovers the queues. See the code to get more info. Looking forward to hear ...




My collection of monitoring plugins for Nagios and similar monitoring systems. Contains a broad range of plugins for monitor thinks like: CUPS, libVirt, NFS/SUN-RPC, RedHat Cluster, DNSSEC, RedHat Satelite, SELinux, QNap Storage, tftp, SSL, Areca Raid, Ko ...


Nagios Enterprise PerfMon Plugins

The goals of the project are to empower the Nagios community with Enterprise Performance Monitoring plugins for COTS Applications[Oracle - DB2 - MSSQL - PostgreSQL - Ingres - Weblogic - WebSphere - Jboss - Apache - IIS - DotNet - Documentum - etc] .

Nagios Plugin Collection


This is a collection of various check scripts for the nagios monitoring system. At the moment most of the scripts are checks for the Windows operation systems. Scripts for other platforms are planed and will be added shortly.



NagiosPluginsNT is a comprehensive collection of Nagios check plugins written in C# .NET. The goal is to eventually have a Windows equivalent to the official Nagios plugins for *NIX, but with the power of WMI for Windows monitoring.

SAP CCMS Plugins


These Nagios Plugins provide an interface to the SAP CCMS Infrastructure and display the results in Nagios.

SHD Open Source Plugins

This Package holds the Open Source Nagios Plugins from SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH.


Switch 3com link

Switch 3com link




This is a comprehensive set of plugins that builds on and expands Mike Conigliaro's original NagiosPluginNT plugins along with a number of other useful plugins. Compatible with Windows 2008, and available in 32 or 64 bit versions.



Various Nagios plugins designed to run on Windows for NRPE-based setups.

unattended_upgrades reboot required (Ubuntu/Debian)

Displays a critical problem if unattended_upgrades is installed or configured incorrectly. Displays a warning if the server needs rebooting.


Windows Port of Nagios Plugins

These are official Nagios Plugins compiled for Windows. Not all plugins compile for Windows and some might not work as expected. This is a short tutorial howto compile the tools with Cygwin. To compile the plugins from https://nagios-plugins.org/ inst ...