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Category: Websphere

Nagios plugins for monitoring IBM Websphere.

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Checks queue depth of an IBM WebSphere MQSeries queue.


This nagios plugin counts the RUNNING Channels for a given QueueManager of IBM WebSphere MQSeries on a given host.


Nagios plugins, to monitoring websphere internals, using perfservlet.


IBM Websphere MQ Plugin

IBM Webspere MQ Monitoring *UPDATED*

Monitoring status Sender/Receive Channel - Windows

This VBScript checks the current state of channel and returning: OK - > RUNNING CRITICAL -> STOP or INACTIVE Warnning -> OTHER



Nagios Plugin for IBM Websphere Application Server (WAS) using the perfservlet embedded application.



This project is a Nagios plugin which aims to provide JMX monitoring capabilities for WebSphere servers (6.1, 7.0 & 8.0), with the smallest possible memory footprint. Nagios monitoring is achieved with simple HTTP requests, through the use of an embedd ...


WebSphere Application Server

Plugin for monitoring the internals of WebSphere Application Server including JVM heap size, JDBC connection pools, thread pools and live session counts.