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Category: Dashlets

Dashlets for extending the functionality and capabilities of Nagios XI.  Dashlets are visual elements that can be added to Nagios XI dashboards and customized on a per-user basis.


For more information on Nagios XI, visit http://www.nagios.com/products/nagiosxi

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Custom URL Dashlet


Custom URL Dashlet Define your own URL, dimensions, and opacity in this highly flexible dashlet!


Google Map Nagios XI Dashlet


Google Map Nagios XI Dashlet This dashlet is intended to be paired with the XI Google Map component. It allows the insertion of the Google Map tool into a dashlet to display host status as a map overlay. This dashlet requires Nagios XI 1.2C or later, as well as the XI Google Map co ...


Internet Traffic Report Nagios XI Dashlet

Internet Traffic Report Nagios XI Dashlet A Nagios XI dashlet that embeds one of several Internet Traffic Report graphs from regions around the globe. Useful for spotting major trends.

Nagios BPI Dashlet For Nagios Fusion


Nagios BPI Dashlet For Nagios Fusion Nagios Fusion dashlet for Nagios BPI groups. This dashlet shows a summary of all BPI groups on child Nagios XI servers. See requirements below. REQUIREMENTS: ============= - Nagios XI + Nagios BPI 2.x on child servers - Nagios Fusion 2012r1.1 or lat ...


RSS Feed Dashlet


RSS Feed Dashlet Create a custom RSS feed with up to 5 sources. The feed is color-coded by newest to oldest, and scrolls as a list in order to save dashboard space.


SANS Internet Storm Center Top 10 Rising Ports Nagios X...

SANS Internet Storm Center Top 10 Rising Ports Nagios XI Dashlet A Nagios XI dashlet that embeds a graph of the top 10 rising ports from the SAN Internet Storm Center. Useful for spotting trends related to virus and worm outbreaks.


Simple dashlet that lets you choose a servicegroup and display the most recent perfdata in a table. To make this useful all the services in the servicegroup should be of the same category with the same type of perfdata

Status Info Dashlet

Status Info Dashlet This Dashlet allows you to select a service definition and display the current status information as a Dashlet. For example, you want to watch the free space check on a particular server (it's been fluctuating recently for no reason). This Dashlet a ...


Text Dashlet

Text Dashlet Allows you to add some Text to a dashlet. Nothing more, nothing less.


Text Dashlet Enhanced

Text Dashlet Enhanced This Dashlet allows you to add text to a dashlet and format the style of the text. You can define up to three seperate sections of text and format each section with different styles. If you do not like the pre-defined style options you can also choose ...


Weather checking dashlet

Weather checking dashlet Choose the city name from the drop down list and get weather updates every hour!

World Time Clock Nagios XI Dashlet

World Time Clock Nagios XI Dashlet A Nagios XI dashlet that will embed one or more world time Clocks for locations around the world. Powered by www.worldtimeserver.com