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Category: Notifications

Various notification plugins for Nagios.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Category Listings:
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Probe stackoverflow using the API


Citunius Notifier - Notification Plugin for Instant Mes...


Citunius Notifier - Notification Plugin for Instant Messengers This is a Business Bot (Chatbot) for Nagios Notifications using the Citunius's Business Bot Platform (Chatbot platform) extends Nagios with Instant Messages capabilities for Push Notifications. Nagios Notification is provided as on-premise and cloud solut ...


Extended PHP mails

Extended PHP mails Reliable and flexible way to do notifications to e-mail (via php-mail) without setup sendmail or postfix. You can turn off sendmail or postfix.



Script for sending sms for torpedus.com.br. Needed register on the site and credits into account in order to use the system.


iLert Notification Plugin (Voice, SMS, iPhone)


iLert Notification Plugin (Voice, SMS, iPhone) iLert extends Nagios and other monitoring tools with On-Call Schedules, Voice, SMS, and Push Notification capabilities. iLert is provided as a cloud service and is easy to setup.


Nagios to StatusPage

Script to update a statuspage component state from a nagios check state. Feel free to modify at will to fit your needs.




This is a notification plugin for Nagios to send a HTML formatted email.

Notification for Microsoft Teams

Nagios plugin to send notifications to MS Teams (MessageCard)


Notification for Slack


Notification for Slack A simple script for sending host and service notifications to Slack.


Responsive HTML Email Notifications Templates for Nagio...

Responsive HTML Email Notifications Templates for Nagios A notification plugin for Nagios to figure out if responsive or none-responsive HTML emails are to be sent to the contact person's email address.

SMS FoxBox Notification Scripts


SMS FoxBox Notification Scripts This tutorial explains how to integrate a standard Nagios monitoring server with an SMS notification external device, the FoxBox (www.smsfoxbox.it). Thus, you will be able to forward the alerts from your hosts/services on a mobile phone using the GSM net ...


SMSEagle SMS Notification Plugin


SMSEagle SMS Notification Plugin This plugin allows to send SMS notifications from Nagios to your mobile phone using SMSEagle (http://www.smseagle.eu). SMSEagle is a hardware SMS gateway for IT professionals. Using it with Nagios allows to send SMS alerts on host or service breakdowns. T ...