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Category: IBM

Nagios plugins to monitoring IBM server hardware.

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Nagios plugin to monitor IBM AS400

check IBM RSA2 SNMP system health

Nagios plugin that checks the system health of IBM RSA II using SNMP, requires Perl 5.8+, CPAN modules Nagios::Plugin and SNMP.



Check_as400 Nagios plugin to monitor IBM System i (AS/400)



check for IBM Hardware Management Console This script will allow you to monitor various aspects of an HMC, including: • HMC cpu utilization • HMC memory utilization • HMC remote access settings • HMC time synchronization settings • HMC authenti ...


check for IBM BladeCenter chassis health via SNMP

This script will check the status of a remote IBM Bladecenter via SNMP. Among other things the following are monitored: * General Health * Powermodule status * Temperature * Blade health * Switchmodule Health * Management Module health * Blowers ...


Simple (Ruby) Plugin checking IBM Server Health using Integrated Management Module (IMM). Requirements: ruby, snmp Mayby sudo e.g: nagios = NOPASSWD: /bin/ruby Usage: check_ibm_imm_health.rb Documentation: Read the Script. Less than 50 lines ...


check_iseries with snmp

check_iseries with snmp Basic perl plugin using Nagios::Plugin and snmpwalk. Monitors: load number of logged on users ASP storage uptime jobs (not as feature-complete as the check_as400 plugin published) You need to have Nagios::Plugin perl module installed: ubuntu c ...


Checks the linkstatus of the IBM Communication Server over SNA.


This plugin checks all fans presented by the rsa card.

This plugin checks sensors (temperature, fans and voltages) and overall health of IBM servers using the Integrated Management Module (IMM).

This plugin checks sensors (temperature, voltage and fans) and overall health of IBM servers using the Remote Supervisor Adapter II (RSA2).

check_ts3100 with snmp

check_ts3100 with snmp basic perl plugin that uses snmpwalk to get status of a IBM TS3100 tapedrive. Only tested on configurations with one drive in the system. Returns: uptime drive-clean status driveLoads You need to have Nagios::Plugin perl module installed: cpan ...

Disks on IBM Servers

Disks on IBM Servers Check the storage area on IBM Servers

HMC Open Service Events

This plugin check open service events in HMC.


IBM - nagios-for-i

Have an IBM i? You can monitor it with the IBM i Service and IBM i Custom SQL wizard. Download them both!

Nagios for IBM i plugin

Nagios for IBM i plugin These plugins are used to monitor IBM i servers, including metrics like CPU and disk utilization, ASP usage, number of active jobs, and long-running SQL jobs, plus much more.



This plugin checks for fan speed on IBM x series servers with RSA or RSA II interface. It is based on check_rsa_fan. It accepts hostname, community and warning threshold (critical is only when fan speed is equal to 0). It has two versions: one for 4 fans ...


This plugin checks for temperature on IBM x series servers with RSA or RSA II interface. It is based on check_rsa_temp. It accepts hostname, community and warning and critical threshold. It shows CPU and Ambient temperature It has three versions: one for ...