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InfiniBand Performance Counters Check

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ibcheckerrs_patchedoptional, if you patch yourself the OFED-ibcheckerrs file
thresholds.txtabsolutely optional - only necessary if you want to customize the theresholds
check_iberr.plThis is the (only) file you really need.
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The plugin check_iberr.pl checks and reports the status of InfiniBand network adapters (RcvErrors, LinkDowned, XmtDiscards, etc.). Either the performance/error counters were checked remotely via InfiniBand (very fast) or via NRPE on the specific host.
Preconditions to use this script (at the beginning of it), an execution example (right after the preconditions) and an example configuration of the relevant Nagios config (at the very end of it) is included in the script.

The {{threshold.txt}} file is absolutely optional. For the eventually use of the {{ibcheckerrs_patched}} file see the preconditions at the beginning of the script.

general preconditions:
- OFED-Tools installed (http://www.openfabrics.org/)
- root permissions, because of {{ibaddr}} from the OFED-Tools
- Nagios-NSCA add-on

this plugin script is in beta status, if anyone is interested in it, some improvments could be done (comments are welcome!):
- further immunize the script for unexpected behaviour of the external components
- improving the usability :-)
- do changes to fit to the new Nagios::Plugin modules