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Check the number of new messages in an IMAP mailbox

/Category:IMAP4 and POP3



Check the number of connections and file descriptors in use by an OpenLDAP server




Compare local clock against multiple NTP servers




Fetches/checks environment and health stats from HP Procurve switches (fans, power supplies, temps, etc)




This plugin checks the route table and reports on any new routes that appear or any old routes that disappear. It uses the snmpbulkwalk or snmpwalk command.

/Category:* Routing



Check environmental sensors of SAN switches and pnp4nagios template




Check the status of ports on a SAN switch




Monitor traffic stats for SAN ports and pnp4nagios template




Fetches/checks system performance stats via SNMP from net-snmp or mib2 host agents including many types of CPU usages (User, System, Wait, Idle, etc), memory/swap usage, load averages, paging/swapping rates. Includes pnp4nagios template and nagvis gadget.




Plugin to check SSL and IPSec VPN license usage on Cisco devices.


SharePoint 2013 Services Check


SharePoint 2013 Services Check This NSCP (former known as NSClient++) plugin can be used inside an Nagios monitoring environment and will check the services on a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 server and will report if that service isn´t any longer running.


sharepoint health monitor


Checks sharepoint HealthMonitor reports list and raise an alert if some is found. prints perfdata with total of alerts. Install: see readme or use pip3 install sp-health.


SHD Open Source Plugins

This Package holds the Open Source Nagios Plugins from SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH.


Shell script evaluates to

This condition can be added into Nagios Reactor to compare the results of the output, returned from running a specified shell script to a target value.


Show Me What's Wrong


A script to display the specific network outages, host outages and service outages on the same screen, while eliminating redundat reporting such as services that are down on hosts located in networks that are down.


Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 3.3

Update of this patch http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Patches/Nagios-Core/Show-service-state-in-statusmap--2D-Nagios-3-2Ex/details for nagios 3.3.1 After compilation, the new statusmap.cgi replace the old one in nagios/sbin/

/Category:Nagios Core

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 3.x


Add service status color to the statusmap.cgi for nagios 3.01 Based on the patch from "didgaudin" for Nagios 2.x Updated for Nagios 3.x

/Category:Nagios Core

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 4.x

Show service state in statusmap - Nagios 4.x Add service status color to the statusmap.cgi for Nagios 4.x

/Category:Nagios Core

Show Users

Shows users logged on to a machine. Can alert on certain users being logged in using either a whitelist or blacklist (or both). Can also alert if certain users are not logged in.



Shows users logged on to a machine. Can alert on certain users being logged in using either a whitelist or blacklist (or both) or if certain users are not logged in. Reflects original Nagios plugin, -w and -c alert on number of users on system.


Siebel CRM on Windows Monitor

This plugin is a bunch of VB Scripts to monitor availability of Siebel services through srvrmgr.exe Although the regular commercial available monitors are adequate, the cost to monitor Siebel is quiet high. The scripts can run standalone, but can be ...


Siemens HiPath 3000 Series check

Nagios plugin for checking Siemens HiPath 3000 Series PBX via SNMP


SIGNL4 – IT On-Call Alerting and Duty Scheduling


SIGNL4 – IT On-Call Alerting and Duty Scheduling In case of critical incidents in 24/7 IT operations with Nagios, SIGNL4 is your tool for instant mobile alerting. SIGNL4 adds critical mobile alerting to Nagios in no time. It bridges the ‘last mile’ from Nagios to IT staff and on-call engineers. U ...


Simple Account Lockout Tracking Dash

This is a simple, clean dashboard with a pretty basic query. But it gives you relevant information for tracking down and identifying issues with users and account lockouts. Lockout events over time, top users that have been locked out, top sources of ...


Simple check postfix queue

Check different postfix queue with personalized warning and critical. Also include perfdata for nagios or centreon.


Simple Datadomain performance plugin

Simple plugin that will return you CIFS read/write performance and netrwok IO using ssh. Requires Dadatomain name/IP address, username and password. Can be extended to support key authentication. Before running plugin you must connect once to your DD f ...


Simple local memory percentage check


Simple local memory check, can be used in conjunction with check_nrpe on the server. Usage: $PROGNAME [-v] -w -c [-i][include cached] [-b][include bufferred]


Simple memory chack plugin

My simple plugin for checking memory on Solaris 10 with Nagios from Blastwaverepository.


simple mysql checker

simple mysql checker.


Simple Nagios NRPE Bash Plugin To Check A URL Or Image ...


Learn how to check a URL or image existence with a simple NRPE bash plugin in Nagios!

Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard


Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard (SNPD) is the light Web Interface for the Nagios 4.1.0+.

/Category:Web Interfaces

Simple pCOWEB temperature check with alarms.

Simple pCOWEB temperature check with alarms. Perl script to check the room temperature by probing the pCOWEB module through SNMP. With Nagios compatible performance info.


Simple Proxy Check

This is a very simple proxy script that tests functionality from the user's point of view (does the page come through as expected versus a direct download). It should work with any proxy server that is compatible with wget.

Simple snmp memory check


This memory check wraps the snmpget command, and accounts linux 'cached' and 'buffered' memory as free memory. This is so you can monitor when you're really actually low on memory. It can also check swap usage. This plugin is released in the public dom ...


Simple TCP Port ant Ping Check in PowerShell


This Script Will Test if TCP Port Connection is open and if it pings --EXAMPLE .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS OK : PingReplyDetails: 32ms --EXAMPLE 1 .check_testport.ps1 -Server SERVER-ADDRESS FAIL: Ping Timeout -- EXAMPLE 2 .che ...

Simplified Chinese Translation


Simplified Chinese Translation of Nagios Core Documentation.


Simulation using check_linux_raid and mdadm


A step by step guide on using check_linux_raid to test a software RAID device.


simultaned connection

This plugin checks the simultaned connection to your host of a user -u, --user=STRING user to check -w, --warning=STRING Warning threshold -c, --critical=STRING


sip show peer


This plugin connects to Asterisk server via AMI and runs 'sip show peer ...' command and may return OK, WARNING or CRITICAL depending on peer status.


SIP2 Server Check

SIP2 Server check is a plugin to check the status of a 3M SIP2 protocol server.

/Category:* Others



Nagios Plugin to check Call Quality in SIP VoIP (compatible with checkmk, etc) sipnagios implements the Nagios plugin API for monitoring and performance data. sipnagios.c is a modification of the original siprtp.c sample in pjproject distribution. S ...


Six Nagios Command Line Options Explained With Examples


This article explains various command line options that are available for the nagios command.

Skip to block

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to skip ahead to a specific block in an event chain.


Sleep or wait

This action can be added into Nagios Reactor to cause a currently running event chain to sleep for x number of seconds.


SmartArray 5300 Check Status


This plugin check the status of logical array status and return status code

/Category:HP (Compaq)

SmartArray 6i 5i Check status


This plugin checks the status of logical array status and return status code.

SmartArray P400 Check status


This Plugin check the status of logical array status and return status code

/Category:HP (Compaq)

SmarterMail Queue Monitor

This plugin makes calls to the SmarterMail built-in API to check the number of message in any given queue.


SMB Connection

SMB Connection Powershell Script to check SMB Connection on Windows Server. Works with Windows 2012 and higher. Output: OK: SMB1=0, SMB2=7, SMB3=14 Connections active Connections seperated for every Version. Shows Performancedata and IP, Computername, User and SMB ...



This plugin checks the size, amount of files and writeability of a windows smb share.

/Category:File System
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