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Category: * Routing

Nagios plugins for monitoring various routing protocols (OSPF, IGRP, BGP-4, etc).

Nagios Network Analyzer

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A simple traceroute script that check 2 hop (usually the first and the last). Returns CRITICAL if neither hop are find in the traceroute output. Returns WARNING if only one hop are find and OK if either firts and second ip are present in traceroute outp ...

check_2hoptraceroute with TCP

This plugin is based on It is modified to do the trace between 2 hops with TCP SYN packets, so both usage are the same. This is to solve the issue that trace with UDP or ICMP packets is filtered out with firewall. Because root privi ...


Plugin to check if a gateway is used to reach a specified IP destination.

Sometimes we have dynamic routing protocols and we donĀ“t know which route is active at a certain time. This plugin checks via snmp a route associated with a gateway (next hop), if either the route is down or the gateway changes a warning alarm is trigge ...


Check the routing tables on Cisco devices (may work on others, but not tested) for specific IP/Mask/Gw combinations. OK if found as expected, CRITICAL if unexpected result returned. Wrote this with a fall back to support both the IPRouteNextHop and th ...



This plugin does a traceroute to a target host and checks if a desired HOP is a certain IP address. I use it to alert on multi-ISP change when I cannot control the routers. Usage: check_remote REMOTEIP NHOP ROUTE1 ROUTE2 Example: check_remote 5 ...


Bash Script To Check The 1st & 2nd Hop Of Your Network


Very simple bash script for checking that the primary route is active.


This plugin checks the route table and reports on any new routes that appear or any old routes that disappear. It uses the snmpbulkwalk or snmpwalk command.