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Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard

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Compatible With
  • Nagios 4.x
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Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard
Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard (SNPD) is the light Web Interface for the Nagios 4.1.0+.
Simple Nagios PHP Dashboard (SNPD) is the light Web Interface for the Nagios 4.1.0+. It's using Nagios JSON API to get status of the hosts and services. SNPD is built on PHP, HTML and CSS without any JS code! SNPD doesn't require any installation - just put all the files to the web server with the PHP and edit the configuration file. Easy? Yes!

Nagios 4.1.0+ (tested on 4.3.4 and 4.4.0)
Web server
PHP 5.2.0+ (tested on 7.0.27)

Download the package
Put all the files to the web server
Edit the configuration file

Available languages: English, Czech

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Reviews (3)
bySodSotnas, September 5, 2022
I can't put this project to work.
On Nagios XI, it simply gives me an error about connection.
On Nagios Core, I can't even open the main appears blank.
Any ideas ?
Hello Users,

The SNPD Plug-In is working good & you don't need to put too much efforts to configure it. Just follow below steps.

1) Download & Extract the tar file.
2) Put extracted directory into your web application DocumentRoot. In my case, it is Apache "/var/www/html/" directory.

3) You can also change the directory name whatever you want. I've renamed SNPD with NagView. So, my directory path is "/var/www/html/NagView/".

4) Go inside NagView directory & modify conf.php file as per your actual Nagios Configuration.

5) Save & Exit.

Check status on the web browser.

That's it.
Excellent to display on a big TV. If acknowledgements would be excluded from the status page, it would make it even better!