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Category: Memory

Nagios plugins for monitoring memory and swap usage.

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check Linux swap percentage used

This plugin is edited from check_AIX_swap and check_memory for AIX. I have seen the script for swap memory usage in MegaBites. I created this for our company work and it is being shared with everyone. You can use it on all the linux instances to al ...


Check mem (by Nestor@Toronto)

** Please note that this script was originally written by Lukasz Gogolin ( I only i proved and bug fix to make sure it run smoothly. Script were written in BASH, tested on CentOS 6.X, Nagios 3.X

Check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server ...

Check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server using SNMP queries This plugin can check memory and swap usage on Windows or Linux Server using SNMP v1 queries.


Check memory usage

Check memory usage of windows systems using snmp

Check Process by PID or PID file on Solaris 10

This is designed to monitor a specific process by either PID number or a PID file created when the process was started. It calculates a percentage of memory being used by using prstat and dividing RSS/Size. ./check_pid -n 19523 -w 85 -c 95 OK STATE ...


Check SAR memory page performance

There is a new shell script that monitors mempage performance using the linux sysstat package 'sar' tool. Feel free to update any improvements.


check swap

A simple shell script for nagios to check free swap on a target system The plugin was designed to do active checks using check_by_ssh to check clients like a firewall. Tested with smoothwall.

Check swap activity on Linux

Check swap activity on your Linux host.


Check Unix Process

This Unix perl script checks if a process is running and its CPU, Memory, RSS or VSZ (or all of the above) if selects processes and their children and aggregates the data. It can find the process by name, arguments or by reading a .pid file. The script su ...


Check used Swap on Linux

A simple shell script that checks the usage of swap in a Linux System. Intention was, that a system should never swap anything, it was not enough to watch free swap. Output includes performance data for pnp4nagios.

check winprog memusage

check with nsclient++ nrpe.dll the memusage of a windows program.


This script checks the available memory on a Linux system, it prints out the performance data too.



This plugin checks the docker container internal memory usage, it retrieves the values using docker stats. The plugin outputs also the performance data.


You can check your LXC containers memory and swap usages from the host machine with that check.



Nagios Plugin to check memory over snmp (Linux/Windows)

LicenseMIT is a Solaris, Linux, and other Unix compatible perl script that: a) Enables perfdata output b) On Solaris - gathers statistics about the ZFS ARC cache c) On Linux - gathers statistics about the caches and buffers from /proc/meminfo d) ... is a Solaris, Linux, and other Unix compatible perl script that: a) Enables perfdata output b) On Solaris - gathers statistics about the ZFS ARC cache c) On Linux - gathers statistics about the caches and buffers from /proc/meminfo d) When ru ...

Nagios plugin for checking available memory and swap with perfadata on a nix machine. Tested working on several nix flavors including: - Linux-3.10.0-327.4.4.el7.x86_64-x86_64-with-centos-7.2.1511-Core - Linux-3.16.0-30-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-14.0 ...

LicenseMIT check_mem is a bash script that checks buffer, cache and used memory with performance data enable



check_memcache based in php. Requires php-memcache . returns perfdata so you can handle it with your favorite software. Developed by



Check Memcached Server that set and get object cache . >>> This Script checks Your Unix Memory Utilization & Returns Output >>> Use Command Line Arguments in MB [Megabytes] >>> Use script as ./ 'Warning Limit' 'Critical Limit' >>> Use script as ./ 600 500 >>> Where Argument 600 i ...

LicenseGPL Compatible with Linux including RHEL 7+ This plugin is loosely inspired by check_mem v1.1 from Lukasz Gogolin I did a code rewrite and added a check of "free ...



check_paging_file The purpose of this plugin is to check the Windows Paging File Size and Usage and return this information back to Nagios. The plugin can be run without any arguments, it will just return a service status of OK. Optionally you can trigger Warning or ...

LicenseGPL check process memory usage

Check memory used by a given process Check more:



This plugin checks CPU usage and Memory usage (total, used, free) of the most QNAP devices via SNMP.



Check Reserved Memory for Solaris


This plugin checks the memory of systems running HP-UX. Designed for HP-UX v11.11 but should work against any HP-UX machine with SNMP v2c enabled. This plugin provides unix memory statistics data from NetSNMP and calculates amount and percent of used memory and free memory, as well amounts and percent of used system, user, buffer, cache. SWAP memory in use is also returned. All data retrieved can be ...



Update of check_solaris_swap created by hakivima. Script analyses SWAP-Usage on Solaris Systems and returns performance data to use plugin with performance tools like PNP.


This script checks swap space available on the machine it is run on. It outputs the percentage of free space or number of bytes free, depending on input parameters.



check_swap_rate Instantly check swapin/swapout activity (pages/s)



Checks Virtual Memory and Input / Output Data from Linux and Solaris Systems


Check windows memory usage by SNMP (works with ePN)

plugin: Windows SNMP storage check for disk and memory

Hp-ux check_memory

Check memory of a Hp-ux server, with the same result of the "top" commands.


This python script connects to the membase cluster and exports the metrics that are passed as the parameter. It's used by AppFirst Monitoring tool to monitor Membase cluster and correlate with other system metrics, or resource usage. Example: python ...


Nagios Memory Plugin

Nagios Memory Plugin This is a nagios plugin and supporting pnp4nagios templates to monitor/graph memory usage.

OpenBSD Memory

Checks memory usage on OpenBSD.

Python Memory Check (psutil)

Python Memory Check (psutil) Improved memory check using Python, specifically the psutil library.


Simple local memory percentage check

Simple local memory check, can be used in conjunction with check_nrpe on the server. Usage: $PROGNAME [-v] -w -c [-i][include cached] [-b][include bufferred]


SNMP swap and swap out

This is a plugin that monitors swap usage and so (if it's still writting)


This uses snmp to check the memory of a Linux host: Requires ./snmp_remote_memory localhost public 100 RAM OK: - Total: 2048 - Used: 2360 Limit: 100 - Free 312.008 MB . This is more for graphing purposes:: ./memory-usage ser ...


This checks to ensure there is enough swap available ./snmp_remote_swap localhost public 100 where localhost is server public is snmp pass 100 is when swap reaches below a 100Mb ----------------------------------- ./snmp_remote_swap localho ...


Swap Trend check

Provides three separate nagios checks concerning swap usage in one. The script is triggered by an active check (via something like nrpe) and simultaneously kicks off two additional calculations which report to Nagios via send_nsca. This has been tested ...


Windows Process Memory Monitoring

Monitoring Memory of Windows Processes