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Category: Postfix

Nagios plugins for monitoring Postfix.

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Barracuda Reputation Alert

The Barracuda Networks RBL can be a hassle to deal with. While not frequent some of my servers end up on the Barracuda RBL and I wanted a pro-active way to monitor this. This script checks postfix log files for Barracuda reputation / RBL issues and al ...


Check amount queued emails on Virtuozzo

NRPE plugin for checking the amount of emails in a postfix Queue on each container The output will display the CTID and the amount of emails in the queue and has thresholds for Warning/Critical. E.g: CRITICAL: 5624950:4472


Check Postfix Mailqueue 2

Check Postfix Mailqueue 2 Nagios script to get the value of active, deferred, corrupt, hold and bounced mails in postfix and generate warning or critical notify like you want.


Check Queued Emails Requests

Checking Current queue of Postfix + Perfdata based on mailq command


Check Zimbra Mailbox Quota

This perl check the mailbox quota of zimbra email software.



This is a Nagios plugin, for checking the normal operation of a Postfix greylisting policy-daemon. This plugin is implemented as a python script. Works with python 2.7 or python 3.x



Basic monitor that checks if Postfix is up and running.

check_postfix (claudiu.vasadi)

Simple check_postfix script for FreeBSD 8.x and above. Originally written by Thomas Sluyter for Solaris. The script checks if the processes defined under PROCLIST and then the ports defined under PORT are running/listening. Easy to port to Linux by ...



Checks postfix mailqueue statistic



uses logfile parsing to determine number of emails processed by postfix in the last 5 minutes. Performance issue on large logfiles is fixed in v1.1 Performance more improved by using awk in version 2. HINT!!! If the version2 does not work, and y ...



This will display the current queue of Postfix.


Plugin displays the current length of postfix queues.


check_postqueue (edouard.lamoine)

check_postqueue (edouard.lamoine) check_postqueue allow you to check the Postfix queue lenght, and specify warning and critical thresholds. Tested under Ubuntu 10


The script returns the length of Postfix queue by parsing output of postqueue.

LicenseGPL Nagios plugin to return Information from Queue Postfix by SNMP Usage: [-H hostname] [-c communauty] [-w warning] [-c critical] -H Hostname -C Communauty -w (optional) warning threshold -c (optiona ...



To Check the vpopmail quota.

Postfix Mails Stats

Postfix Mails Stats This is simple script that wil do the work with pnp4nagios graphs. Please Change mail.log permissions like (chmod 644 mail.log) so plugin have read permission on mail.log Implement logrotation on mail.log this file will rotate daily then you have stats ...


Postfix Queue Monitor

Postfix Queue monitor,as name suggests, is a postfix queue monitoring package for Nagios. It uses NRPE plugin for monitoring.Through this you can monitoring postfix queue size and the number of mails in queue of single or multiple postfix instances on a s ...

Simple check postfix queue

Check different postfix queue with personalized warning and critical. Also include perfdata for nagios or centreon.