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Siebel CRM on Windows Monitor

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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This plugin is a bunch of VB Scripts to monitor availability of Siebel services through srvrmgr.exe

Although the regular commercial available monitors are adequate, the cost to monitor Siebel is quiet high.

The scripts can run standalone, but can be started up from any monitoring system that reads the standard out and bases the severity on the exit code.

1. Siebel Enterprise availability
2. Siebel Gateway availability
3. Siebel Component group availability (status of components)
4. Siebel Server availability (status of Siebel servers)
5. Siebel Running Tasks runtime... euh timeout check.

- The scripts use srvrmgr.exe to connect to the Siebel Enterprise. Monitoring output is therefore liable. A simple port check is not 100% fail-proof.

- The full output of the srvrmgr.exe is put into a txt file at each monitor interval.

- The output is logged into log files for further troubleshooting. Entries with issues start with a severity (CRIT, WARN, INFO). Logfiles can be limited in size.

- To avoid too many srvrmgr processes, only 1 srvrmgr process is allowed to run. The check is based on the process name coming from WMI. If srvrmgr.exe runs on the server you want to monitor, use the remote monitor possibility.

- Srvrmgr.exe can be called locally or remotely with the Nagios service account credentials using file share or provided within the scripts.

- Components or servers can be excluded.

- Multiple Enterprises can be monitored using provisioning files.

Since the scripts are generic, the Nagios implementation is not documented but you can figure that one out yourself ;-)

More details in the readme.txt file
Reviews (1)
bywalid_de, August 2, 2010
I miss the Link for downloading!
Owner's reply

Hi walid_de,

The scripts went to a thouroug testing in our beta and production environments and are now available.