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Category: Asterisk

Nagios plugins for monitoring Asterisk.

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Category Listings:
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Asterisk Fax Statistics

This is a passive Nagios plugin to gather the fax statistics for Asterisk systems. This package contains plugin versions for both the Spandsp and Digium FFA ( Fax for Asterisk ) modules.


Asterisk PRI Status

A Nagios plugin which queries Asterisk's manager interface and executes the pri show spans CLI command (this is Asterisk 1.4 by the way).

Check Asterisk

Asterisk Check

Check Asterisk Calls

Monitoring script check simultaneous calls. Tested in Asterisk 1.8 and Centos 5.7 ./ [XX] [YY] XX warning value YY critical value


Check Asterisk Conf Bridge

Monitoring Script for check conference using ConfBridge, Asterisk app.


Check Asterisk Meetme

Monitoring Script conference rooms Meetme the Asterisk PBX. Developed in Bash, tested in Asterisk 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8, with Linux CentOS 5.5 and higher. Delivery value of the amount of room in use and the number of user in the rooms.


Check Sip Options

This plugin was created due to issues where Sipsak locks up when the proxy on the other end is not reachable. In addition this plugin has several features not found in other SIP OPTIONS check plugins. You can choose to accept any SIP packet as a vali ...


Check SNMP Asterisk active calls

Check the amount of current active calls from Asterisk.


Check SNMP Asterisk processed calls

Check the calls Asterisk has processed since the last check.



Plugin to check Asterisk using AMI,

LicenseGPL Inspired By Jason's plugin 2 news features : - checkpeer Know the state of a specific peer (to see the state of a peer and not see all the peer trunks an ...



This plugin checks an asterisk server for active channels and calls, and issues alerts if any defined thresholds are exceeded. Performance data is also returned for both active channels and calls.


Checks asterisk g729 usage, outputing a percent used with a total (for graphing).


This plugin checks total Asterisk ODBC CDR records via isql. The number of CDR records is returned as performance data.


This plugin tests the connectivity of ODBC databases configured via Asterisk's res_odbc.conf file.


This plugin checks Asterisk peers to make sure they are in a healthy state. Unlike other monitoring plugins, status is obtained from the perspective of the Asterisk server -- it's a good plugin to use for monitoring the state of your connections to provid ...


Check if there are missing directories in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. The script just check if there is a directory for every day in a given period of time. We assume there is at least one record call every day.



This plugin will check the status of a SIP Peer via the Asterisk Management Interface (AMI)



chequea el estado de los canales ss7 en un asterisk, genera gráficas. Utiliza el comando asterisk -rx 'ss7 status', lo hace a través de sudo


verifica los usuarios peers conectados en un servidor asterisk


This plugin check the voicemail to make sure they are not full, using the cli manager.



Track the call volume on asterisk.


Check Asterisk for datacard GSM registration state. Asterisk chan_datacard homepage:


Check for sip/iax2 registration status. Returns CRITICAL if any of registrations listed isn't in 'Registered' state. Works via AMI.

check_peer_status - Check Asterisk SIP/IAX Peer Status

This plugin works with Nagios NRPE to check the status of a selected SIP/IAX peer on Asterisk or in alternative it can list all peers. Then it Returns the Status (OK, Lagged, Unreachble or Unknown) with a proper Sig code (ok, warning, critical, unknown ...

sip show peer

This plugin connects to Asterisk server via AMI and runs 'sip show peer ...' command and may return OK, WARNING or CRITICAL depending on peer status.


Stew Check Asterisk

Checks SIP Peers and SIP Registrations using AMI interface. Documenation and examples available on github page