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Show Users

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show_users.txtversion 0.2
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Shows users logged on to a machine. Can alert on certain users being logged in using either a whitelist or blacklist (or both). Can also alert if certain users are not logged in.
Just run this plugin on any Unix/Linux machine with the standard Bash shell installed and it will list all logged in users.

You can set the plugin to alert if certain users are logged in, or even better, if any user not from a defined whitelist is logged in.

You can also alert if a specific user or users are not logged on.

Run ./show_users --help for details on switches.

Simple to use.

+++ Support
For any bugs, feature requests or other support issues, contact me at
Reviews (2)
bychlewis, October 9, 2013
Great plugin!
bynishith, July 23, 2012
Plugin worked properly. Just set below things.

On Nagios Server:
* Create a file "show_users" in your libexec directory.

* Copy all the "show_users.txt" contents in "show_users" file

* chmod 755 show_users
* chown nagios:nagios show_users
* Open your host configuration file & type below configuration.

define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit values from a template
host_name Dell NFS Server
service_description Logged Users
check_command check_nrpe!show_users

On NRPE Client:

* Copy show_users file in "libexec" directory
* vim nrpe.cfg, add below line


Save & Exit & restart NRPE/Xinetd service

That's it.