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Category: * Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other network protocols, for which there is no specific category yet.

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Category Listings:
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check_lacp_ports Do portwise checks of LACP trunks between switches or similar equipment, using only the standard IEEE8023-LAG-MIB.



Usenet News (INN or similar) check over NNTP

check_rpc with perfdata

modification of standard check_rpc to: provide performance data fix "alarm" timeout handling add option to read /etc/rpc for list of rpc services


This plugin will do a snmp scan on a switch and retrieve all spanningtree blocked ports. If you specify --warning or --critical values, the plugin will exit if it finds more blocked ports. Default is 0 for both warning and critical.


check_TCP_eway, check_egate_architecture

Check if TCP eWay is connected! Check if nessesary processes are runing; check if the controlbrokers of the schemas are running. Written in bash shell script, testet under SRE 5.0.5 The scripts are meerly templates, changes may be nessesary to fit ...



This plugin checks the QoS queue depths on a cisco device. It includes perfdata and a pnp4nagios template.


SIP2 Server Check

SIP2 Server check is a plugin to check the status of a 3M SIP2 protocol server.


Z3950 plugin

This plugin queries a Z39.50 server and returns the number of results received.