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Category: HP-UX

Nagios plugins for monitoring HP-UX systems.

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Category Listings:
There are 19 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here! (hp-ux)

To support HP-UX OS with the script check_cpu_stat published here, we added required lines.


Plugin check cluster hp-ux Guardian with command cmviewcl , created of check_heartbeat for linux HA


client-server program-check for linux to check cpu, memory, hard-disk and proceses on hp-ux machines remotely. (binaries only - pre-build client check for linux and pre-build server to hp-ux 11.11) Get CPU % use From HP-UX, this script read this command "/usr/bin/vmstat 1 4"

Get disk space via SNMP for hpux hosts. Create graphs via perfdata.


Via SNMP, checks the total and used memory on HP-UX servers and can create graphs.

This plugin checks a local HP-UX system and reports on memory usage.


Checks to see if a process is running on HP-UX. Can check for 1 or more, or can check with a Critical and Warning level.


A plugin to run on HP-UX to report on Swap Space usage.



A plugin to check the number of users logged into a HP-UX machine.

Checks the number of users logged into an HP-UX box


This script checks the memory on HP-UX system, the CPU and the file system usage (using SNMPv2). It also shows detailed information about the file system disk usage and operating system.



This plugin checks the memory of systems running HP-UX. Designed for HP-UX v11.11 but should work against any HP-UX machine with SNMP v2c enabled.

Complete CPU and Memory check for UNIX -

This is a plugin that monitors CPU, memory and swap utilization related. It can monitor cpu and memory for more complex output with swap analysis and blocked processes, alarming as critical only in cases where paging and locked processes exist. This scr ...


Current Load - HP-UX performance data fix for pnp4nagio...

The plugins I have for hp-ux are not according to standards and does not produce performance data. I wrote this little script to add performance data so that I could graph with pnp4nagios.

Diskspace monitor script

Checks the diskspace on your HP-UX system.

Hector Chena

This plugin checks the swap used on HPUX, using the SNMP service.


Hp-ux check_memory

Check memory of a Hp-ux server, with the same result of the "top" commands.