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Category: HP

Nagios plugins for monitoring HP network gear.

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Category Listings:
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Check various hardware environmental sensors

The basic function of this script is to check various hardware environmental sensors, like power supply's, fans, cards, modules etc. Cisco, Nokia, BlueCoat, IronPort, Foundry, Linux, Extreme, Juniper, HP ProCurve, NetScreen, Citrix and Transmode.


check_aruba_time (check_hp_time)

The script connects via SSH to an Aruba Switch (HP Switch), executes the "show time" command and then compares the result with the current time. Depending on the chosen parameters it returns OK, WARNING or CRITICAL. In case of an error it returns UNKNOWN.



With this plugin you can monitor several things on the HPv1910 switch (Might also work for 3COM and Huawei switches, with some modification).

HP Procurve SNMP counters

This plugin gets a series of port counters (indexes, drops, CRC aligns errors, runts, giants, fragments, jabbers...) from HP switches via SNMP queries.


HP Procurve SNMP monitor

This plugin checks the health of HP Procurve switches via SNMP queries.


HP ProCurve Switches CRC/Packets Check

HP ProCurve Switches CRC/Packets Check This Script checks HP ProCurve Switches (and maybe all others Switches with common MIBs) on every Interface for CRC Errors & Packet Errors


Monitoring HP-Procurve

Monitoring FAN,MEM,CPU,and so on for HP-Procurve with the buildin plugin check_snmp plugin