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Host Creation Tool

2 votes
Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
hostcreationtool.zipHost Creation Tool Wizard
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Host Creation Tool
This tool lets you create hosts in bulk.

Ideal for adding hosts of a similar type quickly.

It does NOT add services.

You need a list of hosts, their addresses and optionally a description in a spreadsheet / CSV format.

The format is address,host name,description
If you did not want a description then the format is address,host name

Here are some examples:

VMware ESX Servers
esx1.yourdomain.local,ESX1,ESX1 - Production
esx2.yourdomain.local,ESX2,ESX2 - Production
esx3.yourdomain.local,ESX3,ESX3 - Production
esx4.yourdomain.local,ESX4,ESX4 - Testing
esx5.yourdomain.local,ESX5,ESX5 - Testing

Windows Servers,SERVER01,Active Directory,SERVER02,Active Directory
Version Notes:
* Initial release, tested on Nagios XI 2009R1.3G

* Corrections made to wizard code as supplied by mguthrie from Nagios.

* Updated wizard so it does not require the Linux Server Wizard to be installed for this wizard to complete, as per the "blank screen" problem reported by efesperman.

* Added the option to provide a description field as suggested by Nagios Support Forum user htel
* Tool will detect most wizards that come supplied with Nagios XI 2011R3.2
* Added additional error checking on user supplied data
* Moved JavaScript and CSS to seperate include files
* Tested on Nagios XI 2011R3.2
Reviews (2)
bymaluther, May 13, 2013
So first off, thank you for this incredibly handy wizard! Second... I have an issue. I added several hosts and applied the configuration. I then realized I mis-typed the description for them all, so I deleted the hosts from Nagios XI and applied the configuration changes. Now when I go back to add all of the hosts, I get the following error for each:
IP Address or FQDN has a space: HOSTNAME

So now I can't bulk add all of the hosts even though they don't actually exist in the NagiosXI config.

I'm pretty new to Nagios XI, but I imagine this has something to do with the database that tracks changes before applying them to the flat .cfg files in the nagios directory? Am I close at all? How do I go about solving this predicament?

To any that provide feedback, thank you for your help!

Owner's reply

Please send an email to so I can help you resolve this issue (if you haven't already)

bymguthrie, February 11, 2011
Works as explained, an excellent tool for migrations or mass host creation.