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Category: HTTP

Nagios plugins for monitoring HTTP.

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Check HTTP with JSON performance data

Check HTTP with JSON performance data Performs a basic HTTP check, parses the body as JSON and returns it as performance data. The response time is also returned as performance data. As an added bonus, the warning and critical threshold can be set o ...

Check expiration and/or validity of SSL/x509 certificates. Supports STARTTLS and check through a proxy server.


check_http perl script

This plugin is _no_ replacement of the default check_http plugin, but it allows to define critical and/or warning status depending on content and/or http response code.

Simple bash script using curl to check a website. It works on HTTP and HTTPS. Requirement: curl Usage ./ Example: ./ '' oglobo 1 OK - Site key oglobo time 0.019 |'time'=0.019s; ...


Simply check https host .

check_https - with virtual host support

An extended version of check_https with virtual host support, check_http style arguments and treats 404's as valid responces.


check_https with port option

an improvised version of the check_https plugin


Perlscript for checking a https-servers, with a ssl-client-certificate.

Quick and dirty python plugin to check https site via proxy and proxy auth. it work but need to be validated in other environment.


A single nagios checks summarizing a list of urls from file or stdin. This is useful if you've got a cluster and want to alerting on the overall health, and the hostnames are coming from some cloud. The hostnames can be pulled from whatever cloud api a ...



Checks an url raise an alert if some problem is found. Uses curl with all its power, so you can extend your check with all curl options. Install: see readme or use pip3 install curlnagios

LicenseMIT This script connects to a site via curl and searches for a string in the web page. If the string is not found it throws out an error and Nagios exit is set to 'critical'.



check_http with Python HTTPLIB


Simple bash used for verifying that a windows ntlm auth is working. -updated17:th june, missed a -w in the script.

This script provides a method to check IIS webserver links that require NTLM Authentication.


Test HTTP proxies - checks include timeouts, warning for slow times, expected comment and proxy authentication


This perl script reads the output of a verbose check_http and creates a file with this content when status is not HTTP OK.


Check an XML web page for specific content using the XML XPATH syntax.


Check an ICAP daemon's health via network


Retrieve JSON data from an http/s url and check a key's value using check_json's builtin functions (timediff|match|integer).



check_proxy_http_url This NagiosĀ® compatible plugin allows you to check allowed/blocked URLs. With check_proxy_http_url, you can check URLs through a proxy, follow correctly 302 redirections, and specify whether a specific page being accessible is either a good OR a bad t ...


check_pycurl3 Popular

A nagios plugin to check HTTP requests which allows you to run a series of checks, retaining some state information (so you can for example login to a site & keep session cookie). Written in python using pycurl. Licensed under GPL v3 Download the latest ...


check_rest_api | Monitor data from a REST API

This is a plugin that allows you to monitor data returned by a RESTful API.


check_ssl_cert Popular

A POSIX shell script (that can be used as a Nagios/Icinga plugin) to check an SSL/TLS connection and certificate



This script checks the expiration of an SSL certificate.


Check the expiry date of an SSL certificate using openssl.


A perl script to check availibility of http URLs. Returns HTTP error code in Status information.


This is an alternate url-checker written in perl (with Mojolicious-Framework) wich works analog to check_http but which checks destinated url for valid xml and fileage if necessary.



PHP check-script which can check a website(URL) and react if errors like 404, 500 etc are returned.

CURL check script

Check HTTP pages by CURL libraries. Written in PHP.

Nagios Check: Multiple HTTP Port Check

This is a community-distributed multiple HTTP port check plugin.

OverHTTP 0.15

OverHTTP is a Nagios plugin that provides a way to check services remotely over the HTTP protocol. The plugin is developed by Douglas Christopher Wilson.



WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test individual system components that have HTTP interfaces (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc)

WebInject NTLM

This version of webinject was modified to support NTLM authentification Based on