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Category: Event Handlers

Event handler addons for Nagios.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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A task automation enhancement for Nagios that extends the function already available with the event handlers in a separate addon application that is easier to configure and also allows scheduled task to be executed automatically. It allows you to predef ...


http://alert-grid.com Web-based event handling and notification app.



Nagios-2JiraServerDesk-Issue-Creator This Perl script would create Jira Server Desk issue for each generated nagios incident. This script has to be configured as global event handler for host and services in Nagios and Nagios Xi servers. This is a quick and dirty script to generate events in ...



nagiosxi-pagerduty-handler Making use of the event rule-sets forward in event routing pipeline vs later. This allows you to route to any service using the filtering criteria as defined in PagerDuty. Using an "on state change" event handler vs contact command let you deal with Nag ...



NagiosXI-ServiceNow-EventHandler Event Handler to be applied either on-demand or globally to NagiosXI that allows ServiceNow as the Incident Management platform for "Service" checks while allowing the Host Notification and escalation to stay within the umbrella of NagiosXI.


Parameter Driven Generic Event Handler


This is a generic use, parameter driven event handler script. It allows for simple command definitions to run event handlers under various conditions. Use this to restart Windows/Linux/Unix services remotely (ie without having to install any software ...



This event Handler updates the Ticket in the OTRS help desk, which is raised on NON-OK state of a service via email alert,when the service comes back(OK-State).




This addon consists of an event handler for Nagios and snmpd addon (repairer), which is designed to automagically repair services on RedHat linux.

rexec - Nagios EventHanlder

Remotely execute scripts using the nagios event handler

Rule engine integration with NodeBrain


This article will describe how easy it is to integrate other tools to Nagios or op5 Monitor. I will use an example with a webshop where a business view of how the webshop is doing is implemented by using a GPL’d rule engine, NodeBrain.