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Category: Passive Checks

Addons for Nagios that deal with passive checks.

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Category Listings:
There are 42 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!


This lightweight script convert an active check to passive. Allows the use of an active plugin with NSCA.


Event Submitter


This script is designed to make it easier to send service events to Nagios from command line or batch job.

High throughput NCSA replacement


NCSA replacement capable or processing thousands of service check results per second



JSend NSCA - A Java API and command line tool for sending Nagios Passive Checks

jsend-nrdp : NRDP client java library


jsend-nrdp is a java library for submitting Nagios passive check results to a remote NRPD server.

Local config file based monitoring


A set of Perl and VB scripts that monitor key resources (Process, Disk, Log etc.) using thresholds read from local configuration files. Uses NRPE and NSCA plugins to send passive checks to Nagios.


Purpose: ======== Submitting alert emails to a monitor system based on Nagios Features of the program: ======================== - Accepts Internet mail (text), MIME and Multipart MIME messages (nested MIME not supported) - Extracts sender, subject ...

NagEventLog Popular


NagEventLog Nagios EventLog agent for Windows sends filtered EventLog messages from Windows machines directly to NSCA, allowing you to receive alerts from Nagios.

Nagios Central add hosts (nsca)

Automatic add nagios remote hosts / services per host from Nagios distributed server on central server.

Nagios Passive Agent (NPA)


Nagios passive agent is a cross platform monitoring agent for the popular Nagios monitoring tool. It aims to fill in some of the gaps not filled by other methods of running checks on monitored servers, most notably where the checks are running on a remo ...




NagiosAppender Nagios Appender NagiosAppender is a pure Java implementation of a Log4j appender that allows the developer/administrator to send log records to Nagios via the NCSA server (using the push model). It provides a simple solution for Nagios administrators w ...



Ruby gem that provides the ability to submit passive check results and commands via NRDP.



nagstats is a Nagios addon that runs Dag Wieers' dstat tool (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/dstat/) , then parses coma-separated output, matches warn and crit and sends the results to nagios via nsca.



Nagud uses perl to listen to UDP packets on a port. It parses these packets to update passive checks.



Nagwen is an addon for Nagios that is designed to help the use of NSCA requetes. It includes : easy configuration per host, live update, mail to admin, retry before error.


Nagios Remote Data Sender for Windows (NRDS_Win) ----

NSCA Perl Client

This is an NSCA client written in Perl that is similiar to the send_nsca client distributed with the NSCA addon.

NSCA Perl Distributed

Perl implementation of NSCA protocol, plus path tracing. Includes a Net::NSCA Perl library.

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