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Category: NetApp

Nagios plugins for monitoring NetApp.

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Category Listings:
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check netapp health

Queries the global health status of a NetApp via SNMP

Check Netapp NG

Check NetApp Storage via SNMP


Check Netapp Ontap

Check Netapp Ontap This Perl script is able to monitor most components of a NetApp Ontap cluster, such as volumes, aggregates, snapshots, quotas, snapmirrors, filer hardware, ports, interfaces, cluster and disk health.


Check NetApp via Perl SDK

Written in Perl, using NetApp Manageability SDK check-volume check-lun check-snapmirror check-aggr check-cluster check-shelf check-license get-netapp-info


check-netapp-volume is a python2.7/nagios plugin that allow you to check volume space, according thresholds defined. It use SSH connection to connect to the filer, get the entire volumes list, parse and output the result.



Updated ken McKinlay's version to support Volume Checks above 2T. Use the DISKUSED64 Option


check_netapp (combined NetApp Health and Quota Check)

This script is made in an all-in-one fashion similar to my HP/Compaq plugins. It is made in perl, only uses numeric OIDs (no need for the netapp MIBs) and "should" therefor be quite fast.



A very fast SNMP based disk space checker for NetApp NAS filers, which supports both Volumes and QTrees, also over 2TB.



An updated version of the original check_netapp script written in perl to use SNMP queries to check a netapp for all sorts of status info (read the helpdoc within the script for more info.


An updated version of the original check_netapp script written in perl to use SNMP queries to check a netapp for all sorts of status info (read the helpdoc within the script for more info.)


Monitor if the NetApp Aggregate Total storage space falls below a threshold.


Checks hardware NetApp Node Cdot via SNMP



This plug-in checks all volumes space of 7-mode Netapp storage bays.



Updated version of "Netapp check disk usage" with performance output and fixed checks.



Check number of operation per seconds (nfsops) of 7-mode Netapp storage bays.



OO Python Nagios check based on the output produced by: /usr/bin/SMcli netapp01 netapp02 -c "show storageArray profile;"



Script who allow to check the NETAPP services state on 7 mode appliance. Work on snmp v1 et v2c ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Options non obligatoire : -h | ...


Hitachi NetApp Nagios Checks

NetApp Enterprise NAS Gateway

Nagios Monitoring of EMC Equipment

This project provides techniques and solutions to use the nsca add-on to monitor an EMC storage system. The specific case includes CLARiiON CX-340 and CX4-240C SANs, Celerra NS40 NAS gateway, and RecoverPoint v3.2 appliances. With minor adjustments, the t ...



Netapp check disk usage

This check will monitor the disk usage on a netapp volume. This script does not need a volume id, but will check on volume name. So if volumes are added or adjusted not all the checks need to be reconfigured.

Netapp Cluster Mode

A plugin for monitoring various components of Netapp C-Mode filers.


NetApp Quota

Using SNMP, checks the fill status of the quota on a NetApp Filer.

Netapp Quota

* I modified the plugin to use the qrV264xx counters instead of qrV2xx.


NetApp SANtricity Plug-in for Nagios

These are plugins to monitor NetApp's SANtricity e-Series storage. To use this plugins, you require SANtricity webproxy. We have developed wizard which considerably reduces configuration efforts.


Netapp snapmirror lagtime

This plugin reports the Snapmirror lagtime of a Netapp Storage device.

Netapp snapmirror vol or qtree lagtime

There is an existing plugin called "Netapp snapmirror lagtime" that only supports checking the lag time of snapmirrored vols (volumes). I've updated the script to be compatible with also checking snapmirrored qtrees, which require specifying the path as v ...


NetApp Space Checker (Example Plugin)

NetApp Space Checker (Example Plugin) Checks for free space on all volumes of a NetApp-filer


This is a "quick and dirty" way to get NetApp disk utilization into Nagios via the nsca add-on.