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Category: Helpdesk and Ticketing

Nagios plugins for monitor helpdesk and ticketing systems.

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AutoCloseOnNagiosRecoveryMessages - RT Integration


A Nagios and RT integration script that merges all pending open/new PROBLEM messages related to a given RECOBERY message and automatically close/resolve these tickets.


A plugin to check an OTRS database for tickets with specified queue and ticket state.


This plugin checks OTRS for 'new' or 'open' tickets.



This check returns an amount of tickets via php and php-mysql. Queues and States are set via script: ## ids (states and queues) $queue_ids = "42,43,44,48,53,55,68,71,72,77"; $state_ids = "1,4,6,10,12,14,15"; ## mysql conn $mysql_host = "localh ...


check_otrs_user.pl Even if you want to know how many users are still logged in on your OTRS installation you can just take a look at the session management through OTRS. Specially you want to know through which times the most users are online you may look into the weblogs o ...

create_ticket.pl - RT Integration


A Perl script that will create tickets in RT when an Alarm is acknowledged in Nagios.

GLPI Helpdesk Integration


Use these custom event handlers to create and close helpdesk tickets in the GLPI helpdesk software.


Helpspot Latest Version Check

Check to make sure your helpspot is at the latest version. example: "./check_helpspot_version -s http://helpspot.domain.com" usage: check_helpspot_version [-h] -s HELPSPOT [-w] [-c] This script will compare the current running helpspot version wi ...


Nagios OTRS Integration

Scripts to send emails to OTRS in the case of new errors or recoveries in Nagios.

SendNagiosAlert - RT Integration


A script that you can use to send an alert to Nagios if a ticket is new or open in a particular RT queue(s).

Service Now Ticketer


A complex alert integration script for Nagios that can open and update tickets in Service-Now.


Unicenter Service Desk Plugins - Kimbrough Henley


A set of plug-in scripts for monitoring inboxes for tickets in the Unicenter Service Desk v11 application. First official release.