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HAProxy check

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check_haproxy.rb checks haproxy stats and reports errors if any of the servers for a proxy are down. Written in Ruby and only requires Ruby.

We run Nagios 3.x, and I haven't tested with any other versions.

Updated version now works with ruby 1.8+

* Fix bug when incorrectly reporting status 'UP 1/3' as warning
Usage: check_haproxy.rb [options]

Specific options:
-u, --url URL Statistics URL to check (e.g.
-p, --proxies [PROXIES] Only check these proxies (eg proxy1,proxy2,proxylive)
-U, --user [USER] Basic auth user to login as
-P, --password [PASSWORD] Basic auth password
-w, --warning [WARNING] Threshold for number of sessions as a percentage of the limit
-c, --critical [CRITICAL] Threshold for number of sessions as a percentage of the limit
-h, --help Display this screen
Reviews (1)
With the updated readme, this is a doddle to get working. Ben was most helpful with the heads up regarding ruby 1.8.

The only feature I would ask for at this point (if you're interested) is being able to pass the username and password from a file so I dont have the auth details in the nagios command!

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.