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Category: Maps and Diagrams

Mapping and diagram layout addons for Nagios.

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BBMap Component


BBMap Component This Nagios XI component provides a condensed, grid view of host and service status, making it ideal to NOC teams that need to keep an eye on everything.


Use cheops-ng to make your Nagios status map look great. ezmap consists of two scripts that can convert the configuration between Nagios and cheops-ng.

Google Map - Statusmap Patch


Google Map - Statusmap Patch This is a patch for the Nagios statusmap CGI that gives you the possibility to show your hosts in a Google Map as a complement to the standard maps given by Nagios.

Hostgroup Status in Google Maps

Hostgroup Status in Google Maps Show hostgroup status and network/service links in Google Maps

Hypermap Component


Hypermap Component The newly designed hypermap component for Nagios XI makes it easier than ever to get a quick overview of the status of your network. The hypermap support dynamic updates via ajax, scrolling and zooming.

Minemap Component


Minemap Component This Nagios XI component provides a highly condensed view of host and service status, making it ideal to NOC teams that need to keep an eye on everything.

nagios status in google maps

nagios status in google maps View hostgroups/services status in google maps. requirements: mklivestatus (free), google maps api key (free). It will not change you nagios in any way, it will only query for status.


nagiosXML nagiosXML creates structured network diagrams using Nagios configuration files.



nagmap Simple to install application with gets information from Nagios config files and status files and displays the network topology using Google Maps API - standalone software, does not directly integrate with Nagios source - and that is a good thing when upg ...


Nagmap Reborn


Nagmap Reborn Nagmap Reborn interconnects directly with the information generated by the monitoring systems, providing a user-friendly interface for monitoring servers and services, through geographic visualization on the map. Making it possible to easily and visual ...




Nagvis NagVis is a visualization addon for Nagios. It can be used to visualize Nagios data, e.g. to display IT processes like a mail system or a network infrastructure.

Network Replay Component


Network Replay Component This component adds a network replay report to Nagios XI. The replay reports allows you to quickly visualize the changing state of your network over time. The report allows you to specify custom start and end times and supports dynamic updates via ajax, ...



NEXSM NEXSM — Nagios EXtended Status Map — is a Java Web Start Application for visualizing the status of hosts and services being monitored by Nagios it uses JUNG for rendering the graph of objects and QDXML to parse the XML data sent by php scripts.



RealOpInsight RealOpinsight is a business service monitoring tool that enables you to manage your IT while focusing on the services you provide.




This addon is mostly useful for the Nagvis geomap utility. With the help of OSM's Nominatim service, it grabs physical addresses and converts them to latitudes and longitudes. It also stores them according to Nominatim's administrative divisions and the n ...