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Category: SAP

Nagios plugins for monitoring SAP and SAP R/3.

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Category Listings:
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Check SAP Availability and Response Time

Check SAP Availability and Response Time (Packet Round Trip Time) via SAP load balancing or directly to a specific application server based on SAPs RFCSDK.

check_sap uses sapinfo from SAP RFCSDK to check if your application or message servers are available. is a replacement for from nagios-plugins.


This plugin is write for Nagios checking backup and archive on SAP ORACLE instance.


check_sap_health check_sap_health is a new plugin written in Perl. Out of the box it can be used to monitor the connectivity and CCMS metrics. It also provides an API which can be used to dynamically extend the plugin with self-written Perl snippets. This allows the imple ...



These Nagios Plugins provide an interface to the SAP CCMS Infrastructure and display the results in Nagios.

SAP CCMS Plugins

These Nagios Plugins provide an interface to the SAP CCMS Infrastructure and display the results in Nagios.

SAP Hana Database

These are several python scripts for monitoring service of your SAP Hana Database. You will need to configure NRPE on your SAP Hana System for using these scripts. You will need to use your own NR ##, remember to edit the scripts.


SAP HANA Database check health

SAP HANA Database check health A Nagios plugin for monitoring SAP HANA database by SQL command and without installation on SAP server. You need just a user access with MONITORING role. (see PREREQUISITE.TXT file) It will open the door to many idea to monitor health and Key Performan ...



A small monitoring tool to check sap base health. The tool reads the SAP CCMS values and check it to your defined thresholds. The exit codes are best uses with Icinga / Nagios monitoring. It based on the SAP RFC SDK 7.50 for the SAP communication. first d ...



SAP OSS Check This plugin will attempt to connect to SAPOSS server on SAP via saprouter