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Category: SQLServer

Nagios plugins for monitoring Microsoft SQL Server.

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Category Listings:
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Check MSSQL Database Mirroring

Perl script for checking database mirroring in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Check MSSQL Database Stats

One of two check plugins written in Python exclusively for MSSQL. Works with SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008. Designed for easy installation and easy upgradability.


check mssql databases status by snmp

Plugin for check MSSQL server Databases by snmp.

Check MSSQL DataBases, Jobs, Log Files, Time2Connect

Check MSSQL DataBases, Jobs, Log Files, Time2Connect Script for nagios to check MSSQL DataBases, Connection Time, Jobs, TempDB Size, Log Size. The script get all sql instances in the server, and return status for eache instance You can use check_mssql_config.ini to exclude DB or instance to check, read ch ...


Check MSSql Job Status

Plugin that checks mssql job last run outcome.It uses the sp_help_job procedure to get the job last tun outcome. I added warning status when the job have warning icon in Job Agent.


Check MSSQL Server Centric Status

MSSQL plugin that is geared more towards towards general health of the MSSQL databases as a whole.


Check SQL Agent Jobs Failed

You need to change the connection string with the name of the sql server you want to monitor, the password of the sa user and then implement the nrpe command and service on Nagios.


Check SQL Database Size (with NRPE)

Check SQL Database Size (with NRPE) A VB script which can be used with NRPE to check the size of a given SQL database.



Poweshell script to check MSSQL Server AvailabilityGroup for SQL Server 2012 with AllwaysOn


check_dbversion_mssql This plugin tests the database software version through querying a specific Microsoft SQL Server database. It can either simply return the version string compare it against a blacklist/whitelist version file to determine software version compliance. Becau ...



A PHP-based plugin to check MSSQL servers. Requires PHP-mssql support, usually in the form of a package named "php5-sybase" or similar.


check_mssql_dbfreespace This is a plugin that returns given a database, it's free space on MB. Usefull if you are working with datafiles of fixed space. To use it create a new command using the following parameters: define command And add the command on a host using t ...


check_mssql_health Popular

check_mssql_health check_mssql_health is a plugin which checks several metrics of MS SQL Server.


This plugin alows you to monitor a Microsoft SQL Server by checking more than 20 metrics.


checks configured sql server for failed jobs (needs stored procedure 'sp_MonitorJobs' (which is located at my github account, see download URL) -s server e.g. 'sql06' -u username e.g. 'domaindbsnmp' -p password ...



Retreive workload information (cpu, io and idle percent values) from sp_monitor procedure of Microsoft Sql Server.


This program is a Win32 native Microsoft SQL Server Nagios check plugin for use with NRPE_NT. You can use it to just detect SQL Server connectivity or run querys. Performance data output is supported.


Allow you to run a stored procedure on an MSSQL server. Loosely based on the check_mssql plugin. Loops and output the data of all returned rows. Checks warnings, criticals and also allows to use columns fields as filters to the value name field. See exam ...


This script will connect to an MS SQL server, run a stored procedure, and alert based on the results. NOTE: Tested and works on Windows. Should work on *nix, unable to test right now

Check that an MSSQL database may be written to.


check_tablespace_mssql This plugin checks the tablespace size of a specific Microsoft SQL Server database against WARN and CRIT thresholds. It returns the current tablespace size and the number of data and log files belonging to this database. The plugin can be called in 'repor ...


MSSQL Database Wizard

MSSQL Database Wizard This Microsoft SQL server (MSSQL) database monitoring wizard is designed to monitor individual individual MSSQL databases. It is capable of monitoring metrics such Buffer Hit Ratio and general log metrics.

MSSQL Job History

MSSQL Job History This is a simple script because I saw the idea of monitoring failed jobs at however I really didn't want to implement an unnecessarily complex, mult ...


MSSQL Job Monitoring Popular

MSSQL Job Monitoring The MSSQL Job Monitoring is designed to monitor sql jobs. The main reason for doing this, this plugin pulls information on Job Details such as Job Name, step name, Current Status, Last Run Status, server, message. This information about Jobs Details allow ...

MSSQL Query Wizard

MSSQL Query Wizard This Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) monitoring wizard is designed to monitor the results of SQL queries that you define.

MSSQL Server Wizard

MSSQL Server Wizard This Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) monitoring wizard is capable of monitoring the general health of your MSSQL databases and how the MSSQL server is functioning. Before installing this wizard please refer to the documentation here: https://exchange.n ...