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Category: SNMP

SNMP trap addons for Nagios.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Check ADH NETCOM Unit and Send Alarm Traps


Returns the administrative and operational state of the chosen interface. It works by snmp and is created for Juniper. Instructions for use: COMMUNITY HOST NUM_INTERFAZ


Plugin to easy monitor any digital OID.

LicenseOther (Windows)

Bash script to check disk, cpu, memory and if a process is running on windows servers via snmp.


this shell runs on nagios server,it can check aix os disk usage by snmp protocol,it supports checking aix5.3 and aix6.1 etc

LicenseGPL A new release of helmet script (about aix disks), but this one check aix ram. It is a shell script that runs on nagios server It can check aix os ram usage by snmp protocol (v1). It supports checking aix5.3 and aix6.1 etc


Usage: check_snmp_controladora_activa [COMMUNITY] [HOST] [OID] OID: CONTROLADORA RE1 . CONTROLADORA RE0 . Use in nagios: # comando check_snmp_controladora_activa.s ...

this shell runs on nagios server, it can check hpux os disk usage by snmp protocol,it supports checking HP-UX B.11.11/HP-UX B.11.23/HP-UX B.11.31


Usage: ip community Script to check the status of an ibmc. Check health, fan status, power, memory, cpu and temperatures



This is a script for monitoring sensors (temperature, fans and voltage) and overall health of IBM servers. The script uses SNMPv1 to communicate with the Integrated Management Module (IMM).


Usage: [COMMUNITY] [HOST] [NUM_INTERFAZ] Load the ip of the desired interfaces

Check status of desired interfaces on Juniper equipment Usage: [COMMUNITY] [HOST] [NUM_INTERFAZ]

this shell runs on nagios server, it checks suse os disk usage by snmp protocol,it supports checking SUSE10.1/SUSE10.2/SUSE10.3/SUSE11.1/SUSE11.2



This is a nagios plugin to check the total amount of traffic passing within a defined time period.


Nagios SNMPTraps-Frontend

A tool to managing your SNMP Traps with Nagios.

Nagios XI SNMP Trap Sender Component

This component allows you to easily configure Nagios XI to send/forward SNMP traps to other management hosts and Network Management Systems when host and service state changes (alerts) occur.


NagTrap allows you to manage your SNMP traps (received by snmptt) in a database. A plugin is available so Nagios can check for critical traps in the database and generate an alert.


This addon consists of an event handler for Nagios and snmpd addon (repairer), which is designed to automagically repair services on RedHat linux.

SNMP Agent simulator (Net-SNMP/PHP)

This little (quick and dirty) application allows you simulate any kind of SNMP agent, just by having an export of its numeric OID tree.

SNMP Trap Nagios XI Wizard

SNMP Trap Nagios XI Wizard A Nagios XI configuration wizard to easily configure monitoring of SNMP Traps.

SNMP Trap Translation Adjustment Web Page

SNMP Trap Translation Adjustment Web Page This component adds a page to allow an administrator to edit the Severity and/or Text for each defined type of SNMP Trap. (It updates the configuration stored in file /etc/snmp/snmptt.conf.)


SNMP proxy server and plugin to query SNMP stats on remote machines. Designed to handle hundreds of checks per minute with minimal load.


A php webinterface for viewing snmptraps stored in a mysql database translated by snmptt.


This is a time check script that uses snmp. It checks your remote servers have the correct time and date. The nice thing about this script is it does the date/time check in universal time coordinated, so it can check the time on servers in a different tim ...