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Category: Security

Security-related addons for Nagios.

Nagios Network Analyzer

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Nagios plugin for monitoring auditd status and logged events. This plugin uses ausearch, aureport to parse the auditd daemon logs and auditctl for daemon status. Can be invoked as so: ./check_auditd --failedlogins 3,5 --anomalyevents 1,2 --events 280 ...


Check OSSEC Agent and Server Status

Shell script to check the status of OSSEC agents and server. This script should be run on the OSSEC server. Alert on disconnected agents by name or by the number of agents no longer connected to the server. Also, provides check for running OSSEC servic ...

Checks for the Bro Network Security Monitor

Nagios plug-in that checks status of Bro and Bro workers. This script should be run on the Bro manager.


Quick and simple check for number of portsentry bans in /var/lib/portsentry/portsentry.blocked.. Detects if running in atcp or tcp mode and reads appropriate logfile.


Kerberos 5 Admin Server Status Check


A perl script for checking whether or not krb5 admin server is functioning using the kadmin program.


Ossec Alerts reporter

verifies for ossec's news alert at every check and reports them


User Password Update


This add-on allows users to change their own Nagios passwords without administrator intervention. It has very few dependencies, aside from a web server running PHP and Apache. The plug-in reads in the existing nagios htpasswd.users file, line by line, ...