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Category: Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled downtime addons/utilities for Nagios.

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Downtime Migration Script

This script can be used to migrate scheduled downtimes when migrating from Nagios 1.x to Nagios 2.x, and may work with other versions of Nagios.

Downtime Planner

Do you have hosts/services planned to be turned off and don't want to rewrite the downtimes every time? Just insert the planned downtimes in this bash script, put it in your crontab and it will do the rest. Rewrites the downtimes files with the new value ...

Downtime Scheduler

This addon consists of a Perl script and two configuration files to implement recurring schedule downtime of hosts and services in Nagios.

Downtime Scheduling Utility


PHP-based utility that allows any user with write permission to the nagios command file to schedule downtime for any host, service, hostgroup or servicegroup.



A web-configurable recurring downtime scheduler. Configuration web pages hook into Nagios interface, with a similar look and feel. Consists of one agent run via cron, and one cgi configuration script. By Steve Shipway.

Linux Downtime Script - Perl

This Perl script sends a HTTP-GET request to the Nagios web interface. As a result, there will be no notifications generated for the defined time. This script can be used to schedule a downtime for a host on every reboot. By Lars Michelson.

Mass Downtime Scheduler

This script will help in scheduling downtime for n number of hosts in your large enviournment. Just enter the list of hostnames as configured in nagios in server_list.txt file.


NADS - Nagios Automated Downtime Scheduler

This is cron-activated downtime scheduler for Nagios hosts and services.



If you require an easy way of disabling nagios alerts temporarily whilst carrying out work then you can either roll this script out to all of your boxes or add it to something like an existing tomcat/apache start up script so when issuing a tomcat stop/st ...


Nagios Mass Acknowledge and Mass Downtime Scheduler


Script to help with the acknowledging of multiple alerts. When running in a large environment, and during a large maintenance, alerts can flood the user and even with the use aid of servicegroups and hostgroups the alerts can overwhelm the user. The ...


Ruby Downtime Scheduler


Simplish ruby script to schedule reoccuring service downtimes. Work in progress but functional for now.

Schedule Downtime via cron

A couple of scripts that could be run from cron to schedule downtime automatically.

Service Downtime Scheduler

Schedules or unschedules downtime for Nagios 1.x via command line for a specific service in all hosts.

Windows Downtime Script - VBS


Use this script and a HTTP-GET request is sent to the Nagios web interface. As a result, there will be no notifications generated for the defined time.