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Category: Sun

Nagios plugins to monitor Sun server hardware.

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Category Listings:
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Check Shares on Sun Unified Storage Appliance

Based off of Queries a Sun/Oracle Unified Storage appliance via SNMP. Acquires total space for a share and used. Does a quick calculation and sets the error level accordingly. The MIB files referenced come off your storage appliance. ...

Check Sun RAID Controler

Sun RAID controller mirroring check script - plugin for checking SUN hardware via IP... checks SUN Servers with ILOM/IPMI interface and reports the FAN/Temp ... values as performance data.


Check solaris Fault Manager data via snmp. Particularly useful for indicating ZFS filesystem problems. Reports all errors that 'fmadm' command line tool reports, but via snmp.


Script to check state of cpu, fans, temperature and voltage sensors on SUN Fire v210, v240 and v440 servers.

Check temperature of ambient cpu sensors to prevent overheating and automatic server shutdown.

Plugin to check Sun's XSCF (local service)

The script checks Sun's eXtended System Control Facility (used on M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000 series)

Sun Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Alarm check

This plugin checks the alarm table on a Sun Integrated Lights out Manager (ILOM) card for both x86 and sparc based systems and reports which parts of the system are in an alarmed state.