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Script package for oracle

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Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
check_waits_cluster.shBashScript for waits, show cpu usage at all cluster, require "check_waits_cluster.sql"
check_waits_cluster.sqlsql file for check_waits_cluster.sh
check_logfilesync.shcheck the wait for log file sync require check_logfilesync.sql
check_logfilesync.sqlsql for check_logfilesync.sh

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It's a script package for monitoring and graph database data in nagios and pnp4nagios or cacti.

Maybe another exits before this, but here we make a perfdata usable for pnp4nagios, cacti and others similar graph tool.

1. Check_waits_cluster.sh and check_waits_cluster.sql Print all oracle cpu usage: administrative, commit, cluster, aplication, concurrency, systemIO, network, etc.

2. check_logfilesync.sh and ...sql: Total waits for log file sync.