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Category: SuperMicro

Nagios plugins for monitoring SuperMicro motherboards.

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Category Listings:
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This is a complete rewrite of the supermicro hardware monitoring plugin found here: It requires the snmp extension of the SuperDoct ...



check to query IPMI service processor on SuperMicro motherboard to read temperature sensors, fan speeds, etc.


Uses SNMP to interrogate SuperDoctor and reports the state. Built out of my desire for check_openmanage, but for some SuperMicro hardware that we have laying around


supermicro hardware monitoring

This check provides access to the hardware status information provided by supermicro's "Supermicro Doctor III" for Supermicro motherboards. Components to monitor: fans, temperature of CPU, System, Chip, Voltages More details and check download can be foun ...

SuperMicro IPMI Powersupply Check

This is a check to directly read the health status of individual power supplies in a IPMI enabled (supermicro) server. Very handy if there is no one around to hear the failed power supply beeping.