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Mass Acknowledgement Component Featured

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  • Nagios XI
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Mass Acknowledgement Component
This Nagios XI component generates a list of hosts and services that are in a "Unhandled Problem" state, and allows you to acknowledge and/or schedule downtime for the submitted list of hosts and services.

To install, access the Admin->Manage Components page in Nagios XI.

1.4 - New Feature: Added checkbox options for sticky, notifications, and persistent acknowledgments. Requested by (Doh and Mitchell)

1.3 - minor updates

1.2 - security fixes, minor update.

1.1 - New Feature: This component can now schedule immediate checks for a list of selected hosts and services. Thanks Box293 for the suggestion!
Reviews (3)
byDoh, April 3, 2012
any chance of the option not to send out acknowlegement emails?
Owner's reply

Feature now added to 1.4 version

This page is a great value to XI. I was hoping if we could have a check-box option to set the comments in persistent or non-persistent mode. As of today it sets the comment in persistent mode and we have to delete it manually when the service recovers.
Owner's reply

I guess I didn't realize it did that by default, that sounds like a good idea to me. I'll put it on my TODO for this project.

byBox293, May 24, 2011
Saves lots of time, great addition.