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MNTOS (Multi Nagios Tactical Overview System) gathers data from multiple Tactical overview pages on Nagios sites and compile it into a single XML file. The XML file can be used by any frontend supporting XML. Perfect tool when dealing with many nagios sites.
Se homepage for more information:

Example frontend included. Supports warningsounds on events.

You can install MNTOS by running the following commands in the command line:

cd /tmp
chmod +x

Please review the "Nagios - Integrating MNTOS" document here:

Reviews (8)
I have been using MNTOS since many months, work fine Under IE 11....but under Firefox 48, the sound doe not work... I see the critcal box in red, but no sound.

The sound is OK under other web pages

Any clue ?
Hi team

I installed mntos on centos 7 .

The initial page doesn't report any remote nagios. PHP-XML is installed.

I can connect to my nagios sites in http

Kind regards
bygpqnemo, May 4, 2016
Hello emjga, I installed MNTOS on CentOS 7 with Nagios 4.x, but the initial page dont report any remote nagios. PHP-XML is installed.
You are tips for me?

byemjga, January 14, 2016
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MNTOS does what it says on the Tin

I did not find any issues on installing it
yes the documentation is a bit sparse but if you are a techy and can get around apache php etc
You should be fine.

By default MNTOS will not connect to Nagios sites using https as DOMDocument will check for CA certificate

The fix is to add the following to mntos.php
/* Allow https and disable CA Certificate check */
$context = stream_context_create(array('ssl'=>array(
'verify_peer' => false,
'verify_peer_name' => false,

This can be added just after
$xml = new DOMDocument('1.0', "ISO-8859-1");
$nagiosxml = new nagiosxml;

BTW the author was very helpful after 7 years with helping on the contacts.ini info
This would get a 5 star if the documentation or shell script was any better but I basically had to take several hours to hack the entire thing together on Ubuntu 14.04. With the script, the double gzips didn't work, the directories are assuming you have specific locations for apache, php, etc. I stepped through each line of the source to correct it for my install. All in all, the process was very difficult and nearly impossible for me to document for my own notes if I needed to install in the future. Once I got it up and running, it is great! Simply wish that the documentation would be better.
While I did finally get this up and running, I did have problems with the gzipped tarball which was mentioned in a prior review. The other problem I finally figured out was that I needed to install the php-xml package and then restart apache to get this to work.
bymsaalfrank, December 20, 2010
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As additional requirement i had to install the php::xsl package, what should be mentioned.

The package is gzipped twice, so do "gzip -d mntos-1.0.tar.gz && mv mntos-1.0.tar mntos-1.0.tar.gz", then go on as usual.
byquce, December 6, 2010
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There are not instructions to install the application, when I try to install it sends errors, it seems that the file is damaged.