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Directory Tree

Category: LDAP

Nagios plugins for monitoring LDAP.

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Category Listings:
There are 16 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Check eDirectory LDAP Statistics

Check the number of different searches and errors from your LDAP server.

Check LDAP File Descriptors

This check plugin reports the number of file descriptors used by the daemon.


A plugin to check if the ldap server is working

This script grabs the live ldaps cert, extracts the expiry date, and warns you if it's less than X or Y days from now.



Checks if a user can bind to LDAP, requires PHP-CLI and PHP-LDAP


Retrieve the members in a LDAP security group usage: check_ldap_group WARNING CRITICAL HOST PORT LDAP_USER_CN LDAP_PASS GROUP_CN GROUP_NAME MAXRANGE Where: [WARNING] = Warning Value (MEMBERS > WARNING) [CRITICAL] = Critical Value (MEMBERS > CRITI ...



This plugin checks the replication status between given consumer and supplier for SunOne direcotry servers. Depends upon command /var/Sun/mps/shared/bin/insync



Check if an LDAP attribute exist


Check CRC32 of LDIF files of slapd.d directory



Script to check LDAP syncrepl replication state between two servers.


LDAP account expire

Perl script to check if an LDAP account is about to expire.


Ldap master to slave replication check

Checks replication from master to slave ldap servers is ok

Master ldap check

Checks if master ldap server is accepting modifications (not in read only mode)