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MessPC / pcmeasure

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FileDescription (v1.1)
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pcmessure/messpc is a modular, low cost system for measuring environment variables as temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, motion, water and more.
+++ NEW:
* uses Nagios::Plugin
* **command line changes** to support threshold formats
* -F format-string to format the output
* support for brightness and barometer sensors

+++ about pcmeasure
pcmeasure (or messpc, in german) is a modular low cost system for measuring environment variables. A lot of various sensors (temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, motion, water, and so on) can be used in two ways:
* using software (available for windows and linux) and a serial or parallel adapter
* using a standalone ethernet box

An nice feature of the sensors is cabling: the connectors are standard RJ45 plugs, so you can patch a sensor over existing network cables. The maximum cable length varies from sensor to sensor between 100m and 300m.

To communicate with the ethernet box or the software tcp port 4000 is used (configurable).

The homepage is (english) or (german)

+++ the plugin
The Nagios plugin check_pcmeasure(2).pl gets the current value from one sensor and return the appropriate status.

The plugin is able to write the values to a round robin database (RRD, see for more information)
You need the perl module RRDs to use this feature.
The manpage is builtin: -h

++++ current versions:
* V1.1 (2008-03-08)
* V1.11 (2008-03-08)