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Rove Mobile Admin – IT Management From Your Smartphone. Featuring a Real-time Dashboard that displays Nagios notifications directly on your mobile device, you are alerted to problems as soon as they are detected. Drilling into the problem is fast and efficient with Rove Mobile Admin’s support for hundreds of functions and controls across dozens of server and service types in your IT infrastructure (Active Directory, Exchange, Event Viewer, SSH, RDP, VNC, iLO, VMware, Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec, Oracle, Microsoft, NetWare, IIS… and many more).Whether on call or in the office, Mobile Admin gives you the flexibility to leave your desk or laptop while still ensuring that you stay in control of your network and responsibilities. Your organization will benefit from reduced network downtime, better customer service, and overall improved IT team effectiveness.

You can customize your Dashboard in order to view a specific set of notifications. You can also quickly drill into Nagios host and service details, view problems and acknowledge events raised by Nagios.

For more detailed information on Nagios support in Rove Mobile Admin, visit: