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Category: Others

Nagios plugins for monitoring other types of databases for which categories do not exist yet.

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Check MongoDB

nagios-check_mongodb Check a MongoDB Database Usage: check_mongodb -h -u root -p 1234 -d local --collection test -q "db.test.findOne()" Output: OK - MongoDB CRITICAL - Failed to execute query db.test.findOne() on MongoDB host 127 ...



Python script which sends GET request to couchbase cluster REST api: http://cluster_dns/pools/nodes



check_couchdb A python based check for CouchDB Databases. Checks for reachability, login and performance data. Supports HTTP and HTTPS servers. MongoDB and similar should work as well.



This is a plugin to monitor the status of CouchDB replications. Use the -d parameter to list all available replications and monitor them with -r parameter.

LicenseGPL Check all ES indices have more than $min_replica_count replicas Check more:

Make sure ES indices have enough shards. Check more:

check_es_system ElasticSearch monitoring

This is a monitoring plugin to check the status of an ElasticSearch cluster node. Besides the classical status check (green, yellow, red) this plugin also allows to monitor disk or memory usage of Elasticsearch. This is especially helpful when running Ela ...



# check_mariadb_slaves A Nagios plugin written in Python to monitor MariaDB slave metrics. Specifically: - Replication Lag - Slave IO running - Slave SQL running ## Assumptions - You're familiar with MariaDB - You're familiar with Nagios - You'r ...



This plugin checks various states of the MaxDB database. This plugin executes the following checks for MaxDB Databases percentage free in Log Area percentage free in Data Area database status failed backups You need the databa ...

This is a plugin to monitor a NuoDB Domain using Python 2.7 and pynuodb. See the NuoDB Tech Blog for more details.



check_sql is a nagios plugin to check SQL queries using perl DBI. check_sql is database agnostic and the support depends only on what DBI can support.


MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios

The MarkLogic Plugin for Nagios gives administrators a central place to manage all of their infrastructure, leveraging their organization's existing processes, tools, and knowledge to reduce costs. By integrating seamlessly into Nagios, the plugin allows ...


Nagios neo4j Cluster

nagios plugin for checking neo4j graph database cluster health.



' ************************************************** ' NsClientExtCheckLocks.vbs ' ************************************************** ' Version ' NsClient Custom Extention ' Writed 20130816 By Cedric G. -Groupe SNEF- ' ********************** ...


Z3950 plugin

This plugin queries a Z39.50 server and returns the number of results received.