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Category: Get Monitoring Series

Various videos about the use of monitoring wizards and plugins in Nagios XI.

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Nagios XI – Get Monitoring Tutorial – Bulk Host Clo...

Learn to quickly add hundreds or thousands of hosts to your monitoring environment in five short steps in less than 5 minutes.

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring Tutorial – Configuration...

Learn about a way to quickly add a new element to your monitoring environment with Configuration Wizard Templates!

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring Tutorial – How to Manage...

What can Nagios monitor? From rockets to gardens, Nagios XI is powerful monitoring software that monitors all mission-critical infrastructure components in any environment. Whether you’re a sys admin at a startup, the CTO of a multi-billion dollar compa ...

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring – Configuration Wizards ...

In this video, we continue to work our way through a Nagios XI configuration wizard to help users understand how they work and give them an example so they can easily monitor their own environment.

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring – Configuration Wizards ...

This video introduces you to Configuration Wizards which are very easy to set up configuration settings for certain items you want to monitor inside your network. Watch Aaron do a step-by-step guide on how to set these up.

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring – Configuration Wizards ...

In this video, we focus on the last step of the configuration wizard process, specifically concerning host groups, service groups and parent child relationships.

Nagios XI – Get Monitoring – How XI Works

This introductory video will briefly explain how Nagios XI works and how you can simply monitor anything in your environment. Ready to get started?